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What layer does ARP reside in?
Internet layer protocol
mwyuebker is part of the everyone group. The everyone group has read and write permissions. mwuebker only has read access. What are mwuebkers permissions?
Read and write as he is included in the everyone group.
What are the two types of Name resolution?
Where are the sharing permissions?
explorer, select folder, select properties, select SHARING?
what is the TTL for IP?
Time to live with IP. This determines how long the packet can remain on the network without being discarded.
Hoe can you add additional permissions with NTFS to a user or group?
directory properties >> security >> advanced. is what?
The local host.
By default, full permission is given in the Security tab when formatted with NTFS
Can the MAC address be changed?
no, the media access control can not be changed.
Where can you take ownership of a file or folder
folder properties, SECURITY >> ADVANCED >> OWNER
What Dynamic IP mapping require?
a DNS server.
NTFS permissions are located where?
Explorer, right click disk, select SECURITY tab
How does TCP transfer data?
In packets for effeciency. Sends in groups of packets and destination computer replies that they got the packets, if not it re-sends the packets.
How do you calculate NTFS permissions?
permissions from user + permissions from group. With the exception being DENY for the user.
what does ICMP stand for?
Internet Control Message Protocol.
What are the two kinds of names in name resolution?
Host Names, Net Bios Names
Netbois Name Resolution:

"Can we buy large hard drives"

Describe steps.
Looks at Netbois Cache
LM Host File
Host file
DNS Server

it will stop at first sucessfull attempt. But this information, like an IP from cache might be wrong. Keep this in mind as enteries for troubleshooting.
Over 2 gigs how will W2k format it?
What does TCP stand for?
Transmission Control Protocol
Can you force ownsership of a folder or files?
No, but you can use the take ownership permission under the advanced section under SECURITY in the folder properties.
Is DNS capable of dynamic ip mapping?
yes, with a DNS server
mwuebker is denied write access permissions. mwuebker is part of the everyone group. The everyone group has write permissions. what is mwuebkers permission?
the deny overrides the cumlitive permissions. mwuebker is denied.
What does UDP stand for?
User datagram protocol
When working on a mcahine locally, are the shared permissions in effect? Are the NTFS permissions in effect. Why?
Shares=No, only when accessing through network neighborhood. NTFS= yes
What is the purpose of T-FTP?
uploading things like config files to the router (normally cisko)
Explain the concept of auditing.
Allows you to add people, and then monitor use of a file or folder.
IP is more of an addressing function.
why would I use a fat file system?
with a dos boot disk you can not see NTFS partitions
What does T-FTP stand for?
True File Transfer Protocol
What do shared permissions and NTFS permissions have in common in regard to permissions of users in groups?
permissions from user+permissions of group they are in. Deny will still deny.
FAT or FAT32 permissions, can you assign NTFS permissions to it?
How many default permissions show with NTFS for a user or group? How many are listed under the advanced options?
6, 13
what is the full name of the lmhosts file
fat 32 allows what?
partitioons over 2 gig
What does IP stand for?
Internet Protocol
Where are the NTFS sharing permissions?
folder >> properties >> SECURITY
Steps to recieving an IP address

Host name resolution:
What does the Acronym "Large Hard drives, can we buy large" mean?
Checks the following things:

Large: Local host name
Hard: Host name
Can: Cache
We: Wins server
Buy: Broadcast
Large: LM host file
What does c$ represent?
Administrative share
HTTP works at what layer?
Application layer
Do subfolders inherit the permissions of the main folder by default?
Yes. However this can be changed from the advanced options.
Is WINS capable of dynamic IP mapping?
yes, with a WINS server. Better check on this one.
Can you apply share to an individual file? Where would you be doing this?
What are the utilities you can use to troubleshoot a tcp/ip network
IPCONFIG (/all for tons of info, mac, etc)

-Printing Servicies and IIS (Internet Information Services)
If NTFS is installed, what is the extra tab that appears for disk properties>
Security Tab
FTP does what?
File Transfer Protocol
What are the default permissions for a shared folder?
Full Control
What layer does ICMP reside in?
Internet Layer Protocol
Administrative shares can be viewed with the network neighborhood by default?
No. but can be accessed for example by \\maccmaster\c$ from the RUN command.
With static mapping using WINS, what is the text file used?
hosts in i/386. It is a text file.
what does the Physical address look like in ARP?
Host name resolution:
What does the Acronym "Large Hard drives, can we buy large" mean?
Large: Local host name
Hard: Host name
Can: Cache
We: Wins server
How do you make a folder avauilable off line?
My network places >>> Entire network >> right click on folder and select "make available offline"
What is the LMHOSTS file?
# This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to computernames
# (NetBIOS)
Name the two transport layer protocols
Types of names:

Host names: TCP/IP can use IP address or a name freindly host name like WINS AND DNS map to the IP via the name.
Hiost anme can be 255 characters. Can contain hypens/periods/alpha/numberic

Netbios names: 16 character name used to identify netbois resource on the network. Can represent a single computer or a group of computers. 16 charaters. the frist 15 are used to find group name of computer and the 16(th) for representing componenets.

How do you list a directory with FTP? Name other FTP commands.
ls, get, binary, lcd (local computer diretory)
Static mapping works how with DNS?
Uses a HOST FILE (called hosts, a text file) for static mapping from Ip's to Domain names.
What does the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) do?
Mapps out the IP addresses&associates those with the Mac addresses using the ARP cache.
why does the host file use .com addressing for DNS, but lmhosts.sam does not for WINS?
because WINS naming does not use domains, but DNS does.
If IP is unable to deliver a packet, the ICMP will send an unreachable destination to the source computer.
when using static mapping, what does WINS use to map?
lmhosts file.
TCP carries port information as well.
true. For example, port 80 for http and 20,21 for FTP
Static Mapping uses what?
Give an example of a imcp message.
Request timed out when using PING.
Static mapping works how with WINS?
There is a LM host file. The LM host file has IP adddresses mappend to the WYN's name./
Descibe UDP
used for non-mission critical transfers. Packet arrival is not checked. No garuntee. User datagram protocol.
What is a CRC?
Cyclical Redundancy Check
What is IGMP
Internet group management protocol
in the hosts file for TCP/IP, what is the comment indicator?
What does ARP stand for?
Address Resolution Protocol
TCP/IP is effecient because of what.
small Error checking packets
Using TCP/IP, eahc computer needs what on the network?
a uniqu tcp/ip address
What does WINS stand for
Windows Internet Naming Service
IPCONFIG /release /renew does what
releases the IP with DHCP and can renew it.
What is included in the TCP/IP application layer?
HTTP: Hyper Text Markup Lang
FTP: File Trans Prot
Name the four internet layer protocols.
Application level protocols. Name two
What layer does IP reside in?
Internet Layer Protocol
You are using your computer locally, what permissions are being used
What happens when users start using the network to connect to other machines?
Shares take effect. NTFS permissions are compared and then SHARE permissions are compared and the most restrictive permissions are used.
PING gives you what information?
allows you to check another pC to see if alive. The TTL rule applies to this of course
What is IP Multicasting?
IGMP controlled to distribute data to only people on the multicasting list.
NETSTAT gives you what information?
Active connections
FTP works at what layer?
Is shared folders for Win2k SERVER installed by default.
No, but it is with professional.
ICMP provide4s troubleshooting and reporting for undelivered packets.
What is the purpose of offline folders?
To allow access to network resources when not connected to the network.
Take three scenarios about permissions and describe them through a share.
See book
What are three types of data transfer?
Unicast- one computer to another.....Broadcast- to all computers... and Multicast, to ones on the list.
What do admins like about NTFS permissions?
NTFS permissions protect files and folders when the machine is being used locally. Only users that have the correct NTFS permissions will be able to access.
how long do items stay in the ARP cache?
approx 2 mins, but sometimes they can be added not to be deleted or network proccess are refreshing the cache
HOSTNAME command gives what information>?
local pc name
What does Internet group management protocol (IGMP) manage?
membership list of IP Multicasting in a tcp\ip network
What does MAC stand for?
Media Accees Control list. It is a unique number burned into each NIC card.
What does TRACERT do?
Trace route, will show all places with DNS computer names and number of hops.
What layer does Internet group management protocol (IGMP) reside in?
Internet layer