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What is Cytomegalovirus?
It is so named because infected cells become swollen(cytomegaly). It is a herpesviridae.
What are the 4 infectious states caused by CMV?
1. Aymptomatic infection-80% of adults in the world have antibodies against CMV.
2. Congenital disease- It can cross the placenta. It is a common cause of mental retardation.
3. Cytomegalovirus mononucleosis- It causes a mononucleosis syndrome in young adults.
4. CMV can reactivate in the immunocompromised state to cause retinitis, pneumonia disseminated infection and even death.
In AIDS patients, as the CD4 T lymphocyte count drops below 50-100 cells per cc of blood, CMV retinitis and colitis can occur. TRUE/FALSE
TRUE. CMV pneumonia can also occur.
The CMV virus invades the white blood(see Epstein Barr virus), and so there is a higher yield if the buffy coat is cultured. TRUE/FALSE
What is Epsteins virus?
EBV, another of the Herpesvirdae causes mononucleosis and is involved in certain cancers such as Burkitts lymphoma.
What is the Transformation and malignant potential of EBV?
EBV infects human B cells. It actually binds to the complement(C3d) receptor on cells. EBV will change the infected cell so the cell does not follow normal growth controls. EBV DNA will proliferate to progeny.
The EBV DNA remains in the latent state as multiple copies of circular DNA. Some cells will lyse and release virus.
What happens to transformed EBV cells?
The transformed cells though acting as malignant cells suddenly disappear with resolution of the mononucleosis illness.
It is believed that the immune system destroys the virus.
What is the relationship between EBV and Burkitt's lymphoma?
It is found in cancer cells of Burkitt's disease. This is a B cell lymphoma affecting children in central Africa.
It is believed that cells carry a chromosomal arm translocation. This activates a chromosomal oncogene, and this can result in uncontrolled B cell growth.
What is Mononucleosis?
It is a disease of young adults. It is often referred to as the "kissing disease".
What are the symptoms of Mononucleosis?
Patients develop fever, chills, sweats headache and pharyngitis. Most have enlarged lymphnodes(as B cells multiply),the spleen is enlarged as well.
What does the bloodwork look like in Mononucleosis?
It reveals a high WBC count with atypical lymphocytes seen on the smear. These are large activated T lymphocytes. There are as well heterophile antibodies, which counterattack EBV that cross reacts with and agglutinates sheep RBC.
This is called the Monospot test.
What is HHV8?
It is a newly identified herpesvirus that appears to cause Kaposi's sarcoma.