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List 6 first generation Cephalosporins.
1. cephalothin
2. cephapirin
3. cephadrine
4. cephalexin
5. cefazolin
6. cefadroxil
List 5 2nd generation cephalosporins.
1. cefamandole
2. cefaclor
3. cefuroxime
4. cefoxitin
5. cefotetan
List 5 3rd generation cephalosporins.
1. ceftriaxone
2. ceftazidime
3. cefotaxime
4. ceftizoxime
5. ceftibuten
List 1 4th generation cephalosporin.
1. cefepime
Ceftriaxone has the best CSF penetration and covers the bacteria that frequently cause meningitis. TRUE/FALSE
TRUE. It is the first drug used in neonates for meningitis.
It is also used for gonorrhea.
What is Imipenem?
It is a new class of beta lactam antibiotics called carbapenems.
It has the broadest antibacterial activity of any antibiotic known to man.
What bacteria are resistant to Imipenem?
MRSA/some pseudomonas/ bacteria without peptidoglycan cell walls(Mycoplasma)
The normal kidney has a dihydropeptidase that breaks imipenam down, so a selective enzyme inhibitor of this dihydropeptidase is given with imipenem. TRUE/FALSE
TRUE. This inhibitor is called cilastin.
Can Imipenem lower the seizure threshold?
What is Meropenem?
It is a newer carbapenem, as powerful as imipenem.
It is stable against dihydropeptidase, so cilastin is not needed. It does not as well lower the seizure threshold.
What is Aztreonam/
It is a beta lactam antibiotic, but it is a monobactam(only has the beta lactam ring). It is considered by some to be a magic bullet for G- aerobic bacteria. it binds to the transpeptidase of Gram neg bacteria only.
Aztreonam can kill Pseudomonas aeruginosa. TRUE/FALSE
TRUE. It is often given with vancomycin and clindamycin.