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where are chromaffin cells located?
adrenal medulla
how are chromaffin cells stimulated?
preganglionic sympathetic nerves
what do chromaffin cells produce?
catecholamine hormones; ie noradrenaline, adrenaline
what are the 3 regions of the adrenal cortex?
z. glomerulosa, z. reticularis, z. fasciculata
what is produced in the zona glumerulosa?
mineralocorticoids; ie. aldosterone
what does aldosterone do?
Salt retention
what is produced in the zona fasciculata?
glucocorticoids (cortisol)
what does cortisol do?
glucose metabolism/regulation
what is produced in the z. reticularis
adrogens (dhea)
what regulates the z. glomerulosa
what regulates the z. fasciculata and z. reticularis
what histological differences would be expected b/w cortical and chromaffin cells?
cortical - LIPID containing droplets (making lipid soluble steroids!)
chromaffin - no lipids (h2o - soluble catecholamines); SECRETORY GRANULES make peptides