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What is the characteristic appearance of both Neisseria gonorrhoeae and N. meningitidis?
Gram neg, kidney shaped diplococci
Dexcribe the sugar fermentation patterns of N. gonorrhoeae and meningitidis?
N. gonorrhoeae ferments only glucose whereas N. meningitidis ferments both glucose and maltose.
What enzyme common to both N. gonorrhoeae and N. meningitidis allows them to colonize mucosal surfaces?
IgA protease
Name the most common pathologic manifestations of infection by N. gonorrhoeae.
Purulent urethritis, cervicitis, epididymitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, neonatal conjunctivitis, disseminated gonococal infection.
Which growth media is used for the isolation and )identification of N. gonorrhoeae?
Thayer-Martin vancomycin, colistin, and nystatin(VCN) media.
What are the most common complications in men of gonococcal urethritis?
Epididymitis, prostatitis, urethral strictures.
Identification of Gram neg diplococci in urethral discharge within which cell type is adequate for the diagnosis of gonorrhea in men?
What are the major long term complications of N. gonorrhoeae induced pelvic inflammatory disease?
Sterility, ectopic pregnancy, abscess, peritonitis, perihepatitis(liver capsule)
What syndrome caused by N. gonorrhea involves perihepatitis?
Fitz-Hugh Curtis. Patients complain of upper right quadrant pain and tenderness.
Describe the symptoms of both forms of disseminated gonococcal infection.
1. Fever, petechial lesions and arthralgias with erythematous macules over arms and legs that become hemorrhagic painful pustules over 2-3 days.
2. Monoarticular large joint septic arthritis(painful swelling of one knee)
How is N. gonorrhoeae treated?
Ceftriaxone or a fluoroquinolone. Prophylaxis for neonatal conjunctivitis with AgNO3 or erythromycin into both eyes immediately after birth.
What other bacterial coinfection must be considered in treating N. gonorrhoeae infections?
Chlamydial infectiuon is a common coinfection with gonorrhea, so antibiotic treatment should cover both organisms.
Which part of N. gonorrhoeae undergoes antigenic variation making it difficult to completely eradicate or develop a vaccine?
Pili, outer membrane proteins(Opa), lipooligosaccharides(LOS).