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Impetigo (honey colored crusts), Otitis media, erysipelas (redness of skin due to capillary dilation)
Strep. Pyogenes (group A)
Presents with acute abdominal pain after Strep A infection
"flesh eating" bacteria
Cypress Diagnostic Test
Strep A diagnostic test, lasts 10-20 minutes. If negative go with a throat culture.
M protein
Strep A making it antiphagocytic
2 weeks after any Group A Strep Infection
Acute glomerulonephritis and Acute Rheumatic Fever.. M Proteins cross react to basemenet membran and myosin appropriately.
neonatal meningitis and sepsis
Strep Agalactiae (Strep B). Part of vaginal flora in 15-20% of women, they are carriers.
Prevention of Group B infection in pregnant women when?
Prolonged membrane ruputure, 18 hours or greater. Labor begins 27 weeks before gestitation or who have a fever at time of delivery.
Grow on bile esculin agar and produce a black precipitate
Group D enterococcus species