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What is Toxoplasmosis?
It is a sporozoan, that infects all verterbrate species, although the definitive host is the cat.
How can humans become infected/
1. Accidental ingestion of oocysts present in cat feces.
2.Eating raw or undercooked meat
3. From an infected mother
4. Blood transfusion
What are the two kinds of Toxoplasma trophozoites. What are they?
1. tachyzoites- seen in body fluids in early infections.
2. Bradyzoites(slow) that are contained in cysts in muscle and brain tissue and in the eye.
What is the difference between tachyzoites and bradyzoites on tissues/
Tachyzoites directly destroy cells, especially parenchymal, and reticuloendothelial cells.
Bradyzoites- released from ruptured cysts cause local inflammation with blockage of blood vessels and necrosis.
How is it diagnosed and treated/
Detections of parasites in tissues. Serologic tests to identify toxoplasma. Toxoplasma specific IgG and IgM.
Tx- The antifolate drug, pyrimethamine, given with sulfadiazine.