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What is the pathology of Crohn's disease?
-Massive inflammatory cell influx
-damage of blood vessels and gut wall
What does the pathologic inflammation in Crohn's disease lead to in the majority of patients?
The need for surgery in their lifetime.
Maximum area of bacterial colonization in the GI tract:
-Terminal ileum
-Proximal cecum
Where is the highest incidence of pediatric IBD in the world?
In wisconsin
What is one of the most effective strategies for taking care of patients who have chronic inflammation?
TNF-alpha antibody
What is the TNF-alpha antibody?
Does TNF-a antibody work for Crohn's disease or Ulcerative colitis?
What is not a maintainance therapy for patients with chronic inflammation?
What is essential for the development of chronic inflammation in Crohn's and UC?
The presence of bacteria in the gut
So the therapy for Crohn's and UC fistulizing and lumenal disease is:
Anti-TNF alpha (Infliximab)
Highest locations of bacteria in the gut are:
-Terminal ileum
HIghest pediatric IBD incidence is:
In wisconsin
% of IBD patients who will need surgery:
What is a symptom of Crohn's that is NOT seen in UC?
Granulomatous inflammation
Animal models require ______ for the development of IBD:
Gut normal flora
_______ will become a risk factor for patients who have simmering inflammation:
Adenocarcinoma of the colon
Why are patients with IBD at risk for developing adenocarcenoma of the colon?
IBD is the 2nd most common powerful risk factor for its develpment
_________ are not effective in the maintainance of patients with Crohn's and UC: