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What are the 3 approaches to planning a reliable configuration?
* Top-Down Execution & Summary
* Bottom-Up Executions & Responsiblity
* Top-Down Policy & Bottom-Up Planning & Execution
Acronyms are:
Which approach allows one department in the company, to be responsible for planning and coordinating policies and procedures?
Top- Down Execution & Responsibility
Acronym is:

Which approach is responsible for developing and implementing it own plans?
Bottom- Up Execution & Responsiblity
Acronym is:
Which approach allows one department to develope the planning policy, and allows the other departments to be responsible for developig and implementing its own plans and procedures?
Top- Down Policy & Bottom -Up Planning & Execution
Acronym is:
Which method offers a more consistent approach, which helps ensure that each department knows the important details for a successful operation?
Top-Down Policy & Bottom- Up Planning & Execution
Acronym is:
When investigating messages in the event log, which type of message should you look for, when there may be a problem with the system?
FTDisk, Dmio, or Disk Device drives
there are three of them, and they all somewhat begins with a D
How can you disable floppy disk drives?
by using the Basic Input/Output Sytstem opiton
first thing you see when a computer boots up
What utility can you use to output a computer disk and volume configuration information, to the cmmand-line window or to a text file?
also know as the number 2, when you go to the bathroom
Which volume can be created on one dymamic disk only, and can only be accessed by windows 2000?
not complicated
When creating a w2k setup floppy disk running on systems Winnt or later, what do you need to type in the command prompt to start the process?
d:\bootdisk\makebt32 a:
WWhen creating a w2k setup floppy disk running on systems MS DOS, Microsoft 98 or earlier, what do you need to type in the command prompt to start the process?
d:\bootdisk\makeboot a:
The w2k startup floppy disk must include what for your hard disk drive?
NTLDR,, Boot.ini, and correct device driver
there are four things
If you have a SCSI system and the SCSI BIOS is not enabled, what file should you copy when creating a W2k startup floppy disk to the disk ?
What is a fault-tolerant disk configuration in which part of the physical storage capicity contains redundant information about data stored on the disks?
RAID- Redundant Array of Independant Disks
the bug spray roached are afraid of
How many and what are the different types of volumes?
5- simple, spanned, striped, mirror, and RAID-5
Acronym is:
which volume is created from unallocated space using from 2 to 32 dynamic disks?
When increasing the size of spanned volume, the volume must be formatted with what?
After a spanned volume is extended, what portion of it can be deleted with out deleting the entire spanned volume?
What operating system can recongnize a spanned volume?
What operating system provides software support for stripped volumes?
w2k server and w2k professional
Which volume improves I/O performance by distributing I/O requests across disks, and are composed of stripes of data of equal size, written across each disk in volume?
Each stripe is how many kilobytes, and how many physical disks can one stripe volume have for unallocated areas?
64 kb (w2k) and
32 disks
Which volume provides an identical twin of the selected volume, where all data is written to both volumes?
For each user read request, what file creates how many reads and what file creates how many writes?
1 read and 2 writes
Which volume dedicates the equilvalent of the space of one disk for storing the parity stripe, but distriutes the parity strip across all the disks in the group?
If no disks in the RAID-5 volume has failed a write operation, only two disk can take place. What are those two disk?
Target data disk, and
the disk that contains the parity stripe
When implementing a RAID-5 volume, what is the minimum and maximum number of disks can you have in a set?
3 and
On a w2k professional, what is the minimum amount of RAM required, and what is the minimum of RAM required for a w2k server?
32mb for professional
and 64 mb for server
What does the term duplexed mirrored volume means?
each disk in the mirrored volume has its own disk controller
EIDE, LBA, and EISA stands for?
* Enchanced Intergrated Drive Electronic (Controllers)
* Logical Block Addressing
* Extended Industry Standard Architecture
Placing application data on which volume, provides the fastest I/O performance for the reading data?
Fault-Tolerant software is available only on what system?
w2k server
Name the three major types of RAM that deals with error detection and correction?
*Parity RAM
*Error-Correction Coding (ECC) RAM
* Non-parity RAM
Which RAM contains an extra bit that indicates, each byte in the RAM is faulty?
Parity RAM
Which RAM can detect a two bit failure and correct a single-bit failure in the system memory?
ECC- Error- Correction Coding
In order to run a command file when a power failure ocurrs, where must it be stored and what should the file name extension be?
%SystemRoot%\System 32 and
.exe .com .bat or .cmd