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Rubeola complications
pneumonia, encephalitis, sclerosing panencephalitis
Rubella complications
mild arthritis in females, birth defects in fetuses
Chicken pox symptoms
Skin rash in "crops"
Streptococcus infections
Cause of over 50% of all pneumonia, 500,000 cases/yr (10% fatality)
Whooping cough (pertussis)symptoms
severe coughing, mucous plugs air passages, leads to oxygen deficiency, vomiting, convulsions, bleeding in brain
Influenza drifts
Antigenic drift: minor change in an antegen, occurs every 2-3 years

Antigenic shift: major change in antigen, occurs every 10-12 years
Influenza complications
Reye Syndrome
Reye syndrome symptoms
Prolonged vomiting, irritability, fluid and pressure on brain, coma
Common cold microorganisms
Virus, 120 different types
Meningitis comoplication
daycare centers
Shigellosis treatment
replace fluids, symptomatic
Giardiasis symptoms
"backpacker's diarrhea", explosive diarrhea
Hepatitis A source
Infectious - fecal, food, shellfish, no carriers
Polio symptoms
about 90% - cold/flu
about 5-7% - CNS stiff neck/back
about 3-5% varying paralysis
Trichinosis source
pork, wild game, ground beef
Syphilis symptoms
Primary - invade lymphatic system, exudate is highly infectious
Secondary - 2-10 weeks after primary infection, gray-white "mucous" lesions
Congenital syphilis symptoms of infant
Born blind, heart and brain damage, anatomical deformities
Gonorrhea symptoms
Gonorrhea symptoms
Males: 2-6 days, thick yellow discharge from penis, painful urination
Females: 85% no symptoms
Ophthlama neonatorum
Blindness to baby because of gonorrhea infection as passing through birth canal, second leading cause of blindness
Genital Herpes symptoms
Fever, aches, swollen lymph glands, latent in nerves at base of spine, induced by stress, onset menstruation, sexual activity
Genital Herpes complications
Increased incident of cervical cancer (5-7X)
Chlamydia MO
similar to trachoma
Chlamydia symptoms
Male - discharge from penis - not purulent (pus-filled)
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) symptoms
Found in 1% of live born infants
Genital warts
1 million cases per year in U.S.
Genital warts complication
cervical cancer
Virus infects T-cells (control cell-mediated immunity, and regulate Ab production)
AIDS risk groups
Male homosexuals 57%
IV drug users 23%
AIDS - advanced stage
memory and cognitive impairment, severe malnutrition, numbess of extremities, difficulty walking, neurological and brain degeneration
Rabies source
dogs, skunks, bats
Rabies symptoms
100% mortality rate once symptoms appear
Tetanus symptoms
Lockjaw (trismus), facial contractions
continuous contractions, death
Hepatitis B symptoms
Liver cancer, cirrhosis, flu-like, jaundice
Staphylococcus symptoms
tubercles (carbuncles), pneumonia, bone and heart infections
Toxoplasmosis prevention
cook meat properly, pregnant women avoid cats
Plague (black death) reservoir
Sylvatic-wild rodents, ground squirrels, chipmunks, prairie dogs
Urban - rats
Plague symptoms
Bubonic- hemorrhagic infection, necrosis, swollen lymph nodes, hemmorhaging, no person to person

Pneumonic-symptoms like pneumonia, person to person transmission
Tularemia vector
fleas, ticks, direct contact
Tularemia reservoir
rabbits, cats, dogs, rodents
Staphylococcal food poisoning bacteria
nose, skin
Clostribium poisoning bacteria
Clostribium poisoning source
Crock pots, gravy steam tables, cooked meats
Botulism source
commercial and home canned foods
Botulism symptoms
nausea, vomiting, dizziness
Botulism prevention
proper cooking, can w/pressure cooker
Salmonella source
poultry and dairy products, turkey dressing, food handlers
campylobacter poisoning source
raw milk, poultry, fecal-oral
campylobacter poisoning symptoms
diarrhea (bloody)