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mechanism of Steptococcus agalactiae (groupB)
inhibits phagocytosis
moves with flagella, urease producer
Proteus mirabilis
requires sterols
Mycoplasma pneumoniae
pnuemonitis with + ova in stools
ascaris or hookworm
no egg in stools, rhabditiform larvae instead
What gives bacteria their shape?
gram+ rod, tumbling motility, beta hemolysis on blood agar, eating goats milk cheese
Listeria monocytogenes
gray membrane that bleeds when removed
transmitted by mosquito, "breakbone fever", can be hemmorrhagic
premature rupture of the membrane, CAMP test
Steptococcus agalactiae (groupB)
location for Staphyloccus aureas carriers
anterior nares
type of vaccine fro influenza
killed, egg-based
pruritic skin lesion in Gulf War veteran causede by bite of sandfly
live vaccines
MMR, Varicella, OPV, BCG, Smallpox, and yellow fever
live vaccine that can be given to AIDS patient
additional immunizations recommended in sickle cell disease and cyatic fibrosis
Pneumococcus and influenza
killed virus vaccines
influenza, rabies, SALK
immunizations contraindicated in pts allergic to eggs
MMR, influenza, yellow fever
immunizations contraindicated in pts allergic to neomycin
MMR, varicella
child presents with anemia and diarrhea
hookworm (causes iron deficiency anemia)