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What is Negative Staining ?
Negative stain (definition) – does not stain bacteria but colors the background instead.

background = dark
bacteria = clear
The only staining procedure in which neither heat fixing nor strong chemicals are used is ______________________?
Negative Staining.

Since there is no heat fixation-the morphology of bacteria is not altered
Negative stains include _____________________?
Negative stains include:
(1) Nigrosin
(2) india ink
(3) congo.
Why are bacterial cells not stained with this dye?
Bacteria stained with negative staining that also have the same negative charge REPEL the dye, and maintain a clear appearance.
What is the purpose of negative staining?
(1) provides a background to view bacteria.

(2) ****It can be used for the identification of certain bacteria (spirochetes) or structures (bacterial capsules), spores and difficult to stain bacteria.
Name two important diseases caused by spirochetes?
(1) Syphillis
(2) Lyme Disease