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What is this image?
What is this image?
What is this image?
What is this image?
What is this image?
How many Eukaryotic cells are in the body?
10 to the 14th power
How many prokaryotic cells are in the body?
10 to the 13th power
What is the name of the wire loop that you use to spread bacteria?
inoculating loop
what is the name of the straight wire that you use to poke bacteria?
Inoculating wire
what id the name of the dish that you put bacteria into to allow to spread?
Petri Dish
Small tubular syringe that sucks up water or liquid?
Reason for the hanging drop technique (slide)?
A way to view the microbes and their motility and movement.
How to calculate nutrient agar

23g = x
---- -----
1000ml 850ml
20g of nutrient agar
steps to make hanging drop slide
1) get a slide
2) with atoothpick and vaseline, mark around in a circle with the vaseline on the slide
3) place one drop of liquid in center of circle
4) cover droplet and circle of vaseline with coverlet to seal closed
Reason for using Aseptic transfer technique
Since bacteria is everywhere, you want to start with a pure culture, therefore aseptic technique needs to be used
Reason for oil immersion?
to be able to magnify and clearly see the microbes over 400x
Simple stain technique
1) add water onto slide
2) flame loop
3) place loop into bacteria
4) add bacteria to slide
5) flame slide over fire quickly
6) add 1 drop of methylene blue to slide
7) let dry 2 minutes
8) observe under microscope
reason for nutrient broth?
to keep the microbes in a more natural setting
reason for the use of a negative stain?
to outline the microbe with stain and not heat distort the microbe
reason for TSA agar?
used as an inital growth medium for microbes
Trypanosoma brucei
what is this bacteria?
micrococcus luteus
what is the name of this bacteria?
Escherichia Coli
what is the name of this bacteria?