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when did cloning genes begin
in the 1960's and 1970's when Recombinant DNA technology was developed
what are linked to self-replicating vectors to create recombinant DNA molecules, which are replicated in a host cell
DNA fragments
the method of cloning genes is used to produce DNA fragments using enzymes that cut DNA at
specific base sequences
what are the self-replicating forms of DNA
the method of cloning genes is used to link these DNA fragments to vectors to create
recombinant DNA molecules
the method of cloning genes is used to replicate the recombinant DNA molecule in a host organism to create
hundreds of thousands of exact clones of the DNA segment inserted into the vector
the method of cloning is used to retrieve the cloned DNA insert in quantities large enough to allow
further studies or modifications
the method of cloning is used to produce and purify gene products encoded by the
cloned DNA inserts
how is DNA cut?
restriction enzymes cut DNA at specific sites
what does DNA read
5' to 3'
what does DNA look for
what is a word, phrase, or letter sequence that can be read the same frontward as backward
each bacterium has its own
palindrome or restriction enzyme and cutting site
once the restriction enzyme recognizes the sequence, it
binds and cuts the DNA into fragments with "sticky" ends
a DNA fragment from a vector is also cut and its bases will pair to the ________ of the original DNA by _______ _______
"sticky" ends
hydrogen bonding
what will then covalently link the two strands together
DNA ligase
what is the newly formed genetic material called
recombinant DNA molecule
what carries DNA sequences into cells for replicating or cloning
what are many vectors derived from
what are self-replicating, circular DNA molecules
plasmid pBR322 contains
restriction sites that can be used to carry DNA inserts
what is the vector YAC used to clone
large DNA segments
YAC contains two
telomeres and a centromere regions
what are regions at each end of a Eukaryotic chromosome
the restriction enzyme cutting site in YAC can be used to
carry DNA inserts of more than one million nucleotides
1. The DNA to be cloned is isolated and treated with restriction enzymes to produce
segments that end in specific sequences
2. These segments are linked to DNA molecules that serve as vectors, or carriers, and produce a
recombinant DNA molecule
3. Plasmids that carry DNA to be cloned are transferred into
bacterial cells
3. what happens in the bacteria cells when plasmids are transferred into them
recombinant plasmids replicate and produce many copies or clones of the inserted DNA
4. after growth, the bacterial cells can be broken open and the recombinant plasmids are