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How do microbes help with recycling of chemical elements?
bacteria converts nitrogen in air into chemical form plants can use since neiter plants nor animals can use nitrogen gas
How do microbes help with sewage treatment?
Microbes can degrade and decompose wide variety of materials in sewage and wastewater
What is bioremediation?
Use of living organisms to degrade enviormental destroy DDT,PCB cleanup oil spills
Name a bacteria that helps decompose plastic?
Name a bacteria that helps oil spills?
Name a bacteria that helps insect pest control?
Bacillus thuringensis (found in soil)
How do microbes help in the food industry?
vinegar, wine, beer, cheese, yogurt, bread, carry out fermentation
What is genetic engineering?
production of proteins, vaccines,enzymes,growth hormones
How are microbes related to genetic engineering?
Microbes can be genetically engineered to produce insulin
What is gene therapy?
The use of viruses to carry replacement of defective genes. Delivering genes into humans to correct conditions such as cystic fibrosis.
What is the relation of microbes with genomics?
Since DNA in bacteria carry all info about unique characteristics. We need the map of DNA to reveal more info
What is pathogenicity?
The ability of a microbe to cause disease
What is the Etiological agent?
The microbe that causes disease
Why do some animals get infected and others not with bacteria?
Bacterial resistance to antibiotics ability to infect different host species
Name common microbes used for biological warfare? How are these microbes used?
Bacillus anthracis
Clostridum botulinum
used in endospore form
What are the two parts of a scientific name of a micororganism?
The Upper case Geneis and lower case species
What is the definition of a micororganism?
Ant living cell too small to be seen my the naked eye
(not just bacteria and virus)
What's the difference between Prokaryote and Eukaryote?
Prokaryote has no nucleus
What members in the microbial world are prokaryotes?
Bacteria, Archea
What microorganisms are unicellular? / multicellular?
unicellular-bacteria,archae (do not contain membrane bound nucleus, organelles)
multicellular-eucarya-algae, fungi can be single too