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Enterobius Vermicularis
Pinworm, perianal itching, gravid females lay eggs in anus at night, treat with single dose of mebendazole
Poliovirus (a Picornavirus)
Oral-fecal, attacks alpha motor neurons of anterior horn- early signs are malaise, abdominal cramps, fever, h/a, soar through- causes prog muscle weakness, fasiculations, paralysis
associated with lyme disease that causes persistant arthritis
Genetic Shift; 2 viruses that can do it
reassortment of SEGMENTED RNA genome leads to pandemic; influenza A and rotavirus
Naked, Icosohedral DNA virus, pharyngoconjunctivitis, non-blood watery diarrhea, contaminated swimming pools
Most common organism causing acute IE
staph aureus
Yersinea Pestis
Southwest US; Septic shock or severe pulmnary disese, early tx with antibiotics. Plague- bubonic, pnuemonic, septicemic, pestis minor
gram negative encapsulated diploccoci, petechial hemorrages with endotoxin
neisseria meningitis
urease positive, encapsulated yeast; miningitis in hodgkins and aids patients
cryptococcus neoformans
gram negative cocci, not much of a capsule, thayer Martin agar or DNA probe assay (faster) for dx
neisseria gonnarhea
bartonella henselae
cat scratch (swollen painful lymph nodes) and bacillary angiomotosis (vascular proliferative dx inv bone and skin in immunocomp); gram negative rod
Rickettsia Typhi
endemic typhus, feces of rat flea, fever chills, rash starting in abd and spread to extremities
urease positive organisms
H. Pylor, Proteus, nocardia, cryptococcus, ureaplasma
Iodine staining intraepithelial inclusion bodies
Chlamydia Trachamatas
Gonorrhea infection vs. Chlamydia
expect dysuria and neutrophilic exudate with Gonorrhea; Chlamydia- motion tenderness, epithelial sloughing and inclusion bodies
Clonorchis Senesis
liver fluke associated with pigmented gallbladder stones
Beta Hemolytic Streptococci example vs. non-B hemolytic
Groups A,B,D Strep Agalactia = classic Group B example; non-B hemolytic is pneumococci and veridans primariy