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Which of the following can cause systemic infections?
1. H. Influenza Capsulated
2. H. Influenza Uncapsulated
3. H. Ducreyi
4. H. Aegyptius
5. H.A.C.E.K Bacteria
H.Influenze Capsulated & H. Aegyptius (Brazilian Purpuric Fever)
Acute H. Influenzae infections were a great risk to which group?
Why is that not the case anymore in U.S.A?
Children <5 years of Age. Non vaccinated kids traveling to 3rd world. Complement deficient individuals. Vaccine from HiB has led to elimination of the bacteria. Even if not vaccinated herd immunity protects all.
What type of bacteria are?
1. H. Influenza
2. H. ducreyi,
3. H. Aegyptius
1. Gram (-) bacillus
2. Gram (-) Rod
3. Subspecies of NTHi
What are the systemic infections that encapsulated H.i. will cause? How does it present?
1. meningitidis 2. acute epiglottitis 3. sepsis
URT infection that cross blood brain barrier.
Are airway infections possible for
1. Hi. acute
2. Hi. chronic
3. Hi. ducreyi
4. Hi aegyptius
5. H.A.C.E.K
1. possible
2. yes-common
3. no-STD
4. no-Conjunctivus
5. no-
What is the definitive sample needed from diagnosis of?
1. Hi. acute
2. Hi. chronic
3. Hi. Ducreyi
1. Good CSF or Blood Sample (esp. if CSF is milky white)
2. Isolate from sputum (not great
3. gram stain from pus from lesion
What non systemic infections does Hi. nontypeable lead to? What usually proceeds them?
1. Ottitis media
2. Bronchitis (COPD)
3. Sinusitis
Viral infection 1. influenze 2. RSV
What can be done to decrease chronic Hi. infections?
1. do no smoke
2. no day care
3. breast feed kids
4. Influenza vaccination
5. overal avoid factors that compromise clearance mechanisms
What virulence factors does 1.Hi. nontypeable employ?
2.Hi. Ducreyi employ?
3.Hi. Acute?
1.Factors that facilitate persistence, inflammation
2. cytotoxin
3. polysacchride capsule
What are the treatment options for Hi. encapsulated?
Are there post treatment problems?
1. Broad spectrum antibiotics--cephalosporins 2. vaccine against Hib
Yes--sequelae caused by massive release of endotoxins.
Which of the following contribute to chronic Hi. infections?
1. Smoking
2. Viral disease
3. Poor drainage
4. Breast Feading
First 3 cause problems...all represent defects in clearance.
How does a H. Ducreyi infection present itself?
1 or more painful necrotic lesions "Chancroid". Swelling and pain in teh regional lymp nodes. Can be asymptomatic for women. less symptomatic w/ cervical or endometrial lesions.
How does one differentiate between Chancroid lesion, Syphillis, and herpetic lesion?
Chancroid: soft necrotic lesion..more tender than a herpes lesion. Syphyllis lession are firm and painless
What kind of infection to H.A.C.E.K bacteria cause?
Peridontal Infection
Bite wound infections (clenched fist)
Maybe a little Endocarditis or other vascular infections
What makes up the H.A.C.E.K. bacteria?