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What is a symbiotic relationship?
An association where two species are mutually dependent
What is commensalism?
Where only one species benefits and the other is unharmed
What is a parasitic relationship?
One derives its nutrients from and at the expense of the other
What is an obligative parasite?
one that requires the host to live
What is a facultative parasite?
one that doesn't require the host to survive
What are strict or primary pathogens?
are infective to healthy hosts
What are opportunistic pathogens?
cause infection when the host is already compromised
What are the steps a pathogen must successfully perform?
entering host, adhering to tissue, entering a cell, growing to significant titre, causing tissue destruction
What are some of the innate barriers humans have against disease?
lysozyme, cilia, chemical state, flushing, normal flora
What is a niche?
a certain area bacteria have adapted to living in
What is the bacteria capsule composed of?
polysaccharides, and sometimes aa
What are three functions of the bacterial capsule?
protects from host defense, aids in attachment, can be harmful to host
What is the function of the flagella?
motility which is important in pathogenesis
What is significant about the flagella?
highly antigenic, so there are usually antibodies against them that can be used diagnostically
What is the function of the pili?
What is special about the mycoplamsa?
it has only an inner cell layer of special composition and it can be a variety of shapes
What is the organelle of virulence?
type III secretory system
What does a type III secretory system resemble?
What is a sidophore?
Fe scavenging molecule used to import Fe
What are three adaptative process a cell can undergo?
spore formation, SOS system, and Heat shock response