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inflammation of throat. Can often cause inflamed tonisls or tonsillitis
affects ability to speak
streptococcus pneumoniae or s. pyrogenes or viruses, often in combination
same virus as laryngitis
inflammation of epiglottus (flap in throat) , caused by H influenza. Hib reduces occurences.
streptococcal pyrogenes
resistant to phagocytosis, gram positive bacterial gro. Responsible for many skin diseases and soft tissue infections such as impetigo and erysipelas and acute bacterial endocarditis.
streptococcal pharyngitis
strep throat. Penicillin is the drug of choice.
group a streptococci is able to produce special enzymes called streptokinases which....
lyse fibrin clots, and streptolysins which are cytotoxic to tissue cells, RBC, and protective leukocytes
GAS, group a streptococci, consist solely of s. pyrogenes
there are at least 80 types of Grp A Streptococci that cause at least a dozen illnesses
Streptococcal pyogenes cause both streptokinases and streptolysins (special enzymes) that cause....
streptokinase prohibits clots from forming, streptolysins are cytotoxic and lyse cell walls
Scarlett Fever
caused by s pyogenes which produces erythrogenic (reddening) toxin, which then causes scarlett fever. When the strain produces the toxin it has been lysogenized by a bacteriophage that ois genetically changed
Dyptheria toxoid,
otitus media
earache, broad spectum antibiotocs such as amoxicillin and penicillin, are used. Most common basteria is s pneumoniae (35%) followed by H INFLUENZAE (20-30%)
S. Pneumoniae vaccine has caused the number of ear infections to -
Common cold
cause by rhinovirus (50%), coronavirus (15-20%), more susceptible during times of stress
pertussis (whooping cough)
whooping cough last weeks,
bordetella pertussis
gram negative coccobacillus, capsule, obligate aerobic, tracheal cytotoxin damages ciliated cells, pertussis toxin systemic
made with acelluar fragnents of cells, prevents Pertussis, changed from DTP to DTaP because kids occasionally got the virus from the live virus vaccine.
B Petussis
small gram negative with capsule obligately aerobic. Attcahes to cilia and trachea. Frst impede the ciliary escalalter action. Prevents the movements of mucus, and prodces several toxins
Three stages of pertusses
catarrhal (cold), peroximal (excessive coughing), convalescent stage (may last an linger for months)
caused by mycobacterium TB. It is an slow growing acid fast rod, and an obigate aerobe. Myco=fungus, transmitted from human to human
TB: what is the impotannce of the lipids?
has large amounts of lipids in the cell wall. These lipids may be responsible for making the TB long lasting, prebventing the TB from drying out, and causing it to live a long time on stuff.
TB is acquired by
treat tb with
rifampin, pyrazinamide, streptomycin