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what does hypermutability mean?
minor mutational shifts.
What are the three agents that the influenza vacc contain today?
A/New caledonia/20/99
Did you read page 718 yet?

it's about hepatitis.
What are two antibiotics for Hep A?
amantadine, and Symatril
what is a paratroph?
an organism that can synthesize everything
What is transformation?
naked DNA from one cell to another...once it gets in it transforms the recipient cell
What is Transduction?
the transfer of DNA via bacteriaphage...(the space ship thing...the "phage")
What is Conjugation?
there is a linking up of these two cells...aka, sex pillus. There is no reproduction...but there is a change of the DNA makeup of one cell.
what does Tranformation need in order to function?
ATP...found in cell wall
what are the two different types of strains in Transformation?
s = "smooth strain"
r = "rough strain"