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what was the 1st virus discovered?
TMV...tobacco mosaic virus.
What is the order of happenings in the Lytic Cycle...?
(the Host is killed at the end of this cycle)
Lysis-cell bursts
What is the order of happenings in the Lysogenic cycle?
Host does not have to be killed
Lysis-..."It's gonna BLOW!!"
What is an example of a lysogenic virus?
LAMBDA, HIV, and Retroviruses
What kind of cancer does HPV cause?
Cervical cancer
Which type of Herpes is cold sores? What treats this?
What side affect does rifampin have?
It causes red urine....
How does Ziduvodine work?
It blocks the entry of the virus into the cell.
What are the two types of mutations?
Genotypic, and Phenotypic.
What is a Genotypic change/mutation?
changes the genetic makeup (base sequence) and leads to long-lived variations
What is a Phenotypic change/mutation?
Changes the phenotype, and the change is short-lived.
What color is SErratia marscens at 25 degrees c?
What color is SM at 30 degrees c?
What color is SM at 37 degrees c?
What are mutigenic agents?
Thymine Dimers...(the same bases paired together)...from UV light..causes Melanomas
Who discovered STreptomyacin?
What are two possible organisms that cause UTI's?
Enterococcus fecalis and Escherichia Coli.
What does Polymorphism mean? Give an example of an org that is.
many forms of the organism...Microplasma pneumoniae..has no cell wall, therefore it has many forms.
What does Monomorphism mean?
one organism = one shape.
Who discovered Transformation?
Avery, McLeod and McCarty in 1944...NOT THAT LONG AGO!!!
Who discovered bacterial viruses?
Hrsey and Chase in 1952
Who discovered the DNA double helix?
Watson and CRick in 1953
Who discovered DNA replication (semi-conservative)...
Meselson and Stahl in 1958
What is the Ames test?
A test for cancer-causing ability of chemicals...picks up carcinogens...most mutagens are carcinogens. found in hairspray, and lipstick.
What is amp-r?
An Antibiotic Resistance (mutation)...normally suceptible, but now...i.e. E Coli is resistant to antimicrobials G - Rods (and some G + cocci) are resistant.
What is an auxotroph?
an organism that can make AA's.
What is a virulence mutation?
capsule/toxin...takes normally fatal organisms (i.e. Clostridium Tetani, Clostridium Botulinum, Cornybactereum) and if mutated even slightly, the virulence factor is removed. The once deadly organism has now become as tame as a cat.
What are the three genetic transfer mechanisms?
Conjugation, Transformation, and Transduction.
What is used in Transformation for the gene exchange?
naked DNA.
what is the HIV cocktail?