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example of opsonin
complement proteins and antibodies
example of opsonin
complement proteins and antibodies
what complement pathway can be triggered by a antigen-atibody complex
the complement system is involved in...
triggering of inflammatory reaction, chemotaxis, opsonization, and triggering of fever. But not in production of antibodies.
what substance is involved in the lectin-complement pathway...
mannose binding protein
innate resistance is due in part to...
receptors not present on human cells, incompatible pH, and incompatible temperature
how many lines of defense do we have against pathogens?
1st line of defense consists of ...
mucous memebranes, epidermis, sebum, skin, tears, sweat, vaginal secretions, urine
collagen is important because...
It is pliable, it helps resist abrasion, it gives strength to skin
epithelium is protective because...
it is tightly packed and it sheds freqently
normal flora protects by...
secretes antimicrobial substances, it consumes nutrients so that pathogens cannot grow
the second line of defense operates when...
pathogens penetrate the skin and pathogens penetrate the mucus membranes
Name 4 parts of the second line of defense
blood cells, granulocytes, interferons and inflammation. NOT epidermis.
Name 4 things that plasma contains...
water, nutrients, proteins and dissolved gases.
The 3 formed elements in blood are...
erythrocytes, platelets and leukocytes
Granulocytes are thus named because...
they contain granules
Diapedesis is...
the ability to squeeze through blood capillary walls.
Name 3 benefits of fever
enhances the action of interferon, inhibits growth of some bacteria and promotes growth of some bacteria
Describe sequence in which acute inflammation occurs...
cell injury releases mediator, selectins displayed, neutrophils attracted, integrins activated, neutrophils stick, diapedesis, phagocytosis