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Cells in cork were observed in 1665 under the magnifying glass of
The microbiologist who first described magnified microbes as animalcules in 1676 was
Van leeuwenhoek
For which of the following is Pasteur Credited
None of the abovee
Jenner was the scientist who first
immunized a person against smallpox
The discovery of penicillin is
all are correct
The scientist who studied diseases such as anthrax and tuberculosis and then proposed the pstulates of infection was
Ivanowski is know for his work involving
DNA structure
The scientist who isolated and identified the human immuno deffecieny virus were
Montagnier and Gallo
Bacteria are generally measured in
Bacteria of which genera are known to produce endospores
Clostridium and bacillus
of the following which are prokaryotes
Structures not found in prokaryotes include
cell wall
Which of the following is a eukaryote
All are correct
For which purposes are bacteria beneficial to humans
All are correct
A bacterium is described as bacillus. this means
It is shaped like a rod
A bacterial arrangement is described as staphylococcus. What this means is
A cluster of berries
Why is the innoculating loop flame sterilized before removal of innoculum
to precent contamination of the stock culture
Why is an acidic stain like (congo red) not taken up into the bacterial cell wall
E and C correct
the microscope has a lever for adjusting the image contrast. this device is called the
Iris diaphragm
A specimen is observed using the 100X objective lens. If the eyepieces magnify 10X, what is the toal magnification of the specimen
A bacterium is tested and found to be a gram negative diplococcus. What this means is
only A is wrong
A molecule is formed by electrons shared between two atoms. This type of bond ia
B and D are correct
An atom is said to have an atomic number of 17. what this means is
it has 17 protons
A molecule features a 1:2:1 ratio of carbon to hydrogen to oxygen. The molecule must be
a fat
the bonding together of amino acids to form proteins
all are correct
The 3 carbon molecule which is foundational to lipid synthesis is
A lipid has a fatty acid with several carbons double bonded. This would make it
Peptidoglycan is found only in the cell walls of
The gram negative cell wall
usually has an LPS outer membrane
Under adverse conditions, which of the following bateria would produce an endospore?
Clostridium Tetani
Some bacteria have a non-nucleoid mass of DNA. This is know as
the plasmid
Which of the following structres constitues an endotoxin?
the LPS outer membrane
For what purpose might a microbe use a flagellum?
Escherichia coli
all are correct
Strands of human DNA have been inserted into laboratory bacteria. One product of this procedure is
the bacteria produce insulin
Which of the following organisms possess a chloroplast?
Which microscope utilizes laser beams and forms three dimensionall images when interpreted by a computer
confocal microscope
Which microscope bounces electron beams off the surface of a specimen forming a three dimensional image of surface features?
scanning electron microscope
The ability of a microscoope to distinguish between two points on a specimen is its
Of the stains used in our laoratory, which are basic?
Congo red
Which is not part of the Gram stin procedure?
forming the hanging drop
The idea of spontaneous generation
a and b are correct
The mapping of an orgaism's DNA nucleotide sequence
is called the geome
Which of the following would be classified as an emergind disease>
all of the above
What is a viroid?
A strand of RNA
What properties make water a unique molecule?
only d is wrong
A molecule readily gives up a hydrogen ion when placed in solution. The molecule
is an acid
How many differnt amino acids are there?
none of the above
A bacterium has a generation time of one hour. If there are 200 of them to begin with, how many will be present after 6 hours?