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What are the morphological characteristics of S. aureus? What are its growth characteristics in culture?
*G+ cocci
*catalase +
*coagulase +
*will grow on mannitol salt agar
S. aureus contributes to a number of disease states. Name 3 that are on or very close to the skin.
*pyogenic abscesses
What are 4 deep or systemic infections caused by S. aureus?
*pyogenic abscess
What are three dieases mediated by toxins produced by S. aureus? What are the toxins associated with each?
*staphylococcal food poisoning - enterotoxin
*scalded skin syndrome - exfoliatin
How does protein A add to the virulence of S. aureus?
It binds the Fc region of Ig's and prevents them from opsonizing the bug.
What controls the expression of the virulence factors of S. aureus?
Accessory gene regulator.
Name 3 virulence factors for S. aureus that begin with "c". What does each do?
*capsule - antiphagocytic
*catalase - neutralizes H2O2
*coagulase - promotes clotting
What kind of resistance does S. aureus have? What is the mechanism here?
*PCN resistance - due to B-lactamases
*methicillin - due to PBP mutation
How should infections with S. aureus be treated?
Abscesses should be surgically drained and debrided.
What type of disease is S. saprophyticus associated with?
UTI in young, healthy, sexually active women.
What type of nosocomial infection is S. epidermidis associated with? What are the more serious sequelae of these infections?
*Infections of implanted devices
*endocarditis and septicemia
What is the primary virulence factor of S. epidermidis?
*slime layer promotes adherence
*biofilm growth