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What's the difference between Cryptosporidium and Cryptococcus?
Cryptosporidium is a intestinal sporozoan.
Cryptococcus is a yeast parasite.
What distinguishes Babesiosis from Malaria infections?
Babesia smears lack pigmentation and have a "tetrad" characteristic.
Clinically, Babesiosis has a NON-periodic fever.
What's the definitive host for Toxoplasma gondii?
What are the three infection routes for Toxo?
1. Fecal-Oral: ingestion of oocysts from cat poop. Infectious in two days. Clean the litter box more often.
2. Vertically: transplacental innoculation
3. Ingestion: Eating meat contaminated with bradyzoites
Where does Toxoplasma harbor in the cat?
Intracellularly in the cat intestine.
What are the two life cycle stages of Toxo in humans?
1. Tachyzoites: acute infection
2. Bradyzoites: intracellular/latent infection
How does a latent Toxo infection become problematic?
Reactivation during periods of immuno-compromise. AIDS pts susceptible to Toxoplasmic Encephalitis
When is a Toxo infection harmful in pregnancy?
Acute infection of a pregnant woman:
1st Tri: abortion or stillbirth
2nd+ Tri: Neural complications
What MRI pattern is characteristic of Cerebral Toxoplasmosis?
Single focal lesion
What intracellular GI zoonotic is found in the majority of N. American surface water?
Cryptosporidium ssp.
Who is at risk for Crypto infection?
ICZ and children
What diarrheal illness may result from eating contaminated fruit?
Cyclosporiasis. Clinically indistinguishable from Crypto and Iso