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What organism does the P1 phage infect?
E. coli
What orgainsim does the P22 phage infect?
How can individual phages be purified?
Based on their ability to lyse cells and form plaques in a bacterial lawn.
What are the 5 steps a virus's life cycle?
1. Attachment,
2. Penetration,
3. Synthesis of nucleic acid and protein,
4. Assembly and packaging, 5. Release (lysis)
Where does packing of P22 phageheads initiate?
At a pac site
"Headful Mechanism"
The mechanism in which phages are packaged, where the amount of DNA packaged is somewhat higher than the phage genome. Subsequent phageheads initiate packing where the previous phagehead finishes.
How is Temperate bacteriophage lambda different from P22?
Lambda has two different lifestyles, it can enter a lysogenic or lytic pathway.
In what type of pathway would viral DNA be integrated into host DNA?
Lysogenic pathway
The cell containing the prophage.
Where do genes need to be located in order to be taken up by the phage?
Near the attachment site.