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What is the purpose of MSA?
Selects for Staphylococci
Differentiates S. aureus vs. S. epidermidis
What is the purpose of PAA?
Selects for Gram + cocci

Inhibits Gram - negative
What is the purpose of MAC ?
Selects for Gram - neg
Inhibits Gram +

Differentiates Enteric Bacteria
What are the 2 dyes in EMB?
What is the purpose of EMB?
Eosin & Methylene Blue
Differential Media - Differentiates lactose fermenters from non-fermenters. E.coli = Green sheen E. aerogenes = Gum Pink
Colorless colonies = NON-fermenters
What is the function of TSI ?
Differentiate groups of Enterobacteriaceae based on sugar fermentation and H2S production.
Acid Slant / Acid Butt = 3 sugars fermented
Alkaline slant acid butt = Glucose only
Alkaline / alkaline = NO SUGARS fermented