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what are some viruses that cause pharyngitis?
adenovirus, coronavirus, rhinovirus, cocksackie, epstein-barr, influenza, parainfluenza, enterovirus, cytomegalovirus, HIV, resp syncytial virus
charac of adenovirus
ds DNA
non-enveloped (lytic)
~47 serotypes
what is the significance of the large amt of serotypes?
hard to vaccinate
increase antigenicity
what property does a non-enveloped virus have that increases pathogenicity?
generally more resistant in environment (fomites)
structure and receptor of adenovirus
fiber spikes- hemagglutinating, attach to receptor (Ig to block attachment)
receptor: CAR; Ig superfamily on tight jxns of epithelium
reservoir, transmission adenovirus
aerosol, contact, fecal-oral, mucosa, FOMITES, pools
pathogenisis of adenovirus
mucoepithelial cells: reps, GI, conjunctiva, cornea
lytic, persistent and latent infections
clinical disease caused by adenovirus
URI in kids
acute resp distress and pneumonia
adults usually mild pharyngitis
entry of adenovirus
upper resp and eye; can become systemic
what is the diff between subgenus and serotype (as pertains to adenovirus)
subgenus (fxnal group)- based on oncogenicity in animals
serotype (Ig dep neutralization)- based on antigenic epitopes of fibers
lab diagnosis of adenovirus
detect Ag: rapid; detect Ag in aspirates or washings
isolate virus: aspirates, throat swabs, feces
serology: retrospective analysis; C' fixation
cytopathic effect of adenovirus
infected cells are rounded; dark basophilic inclusions in nuclei (viral proteins)
monolayer of cells is cleared by lysis
tx and prevention of adenovirus infections
no tx; self-limiting
vaccine for Adult Resp Distress Synd (recruits): live attenuated 4,7,21 in eneterically coated capsules(+ CTLs),
what is important about the prep of the adenocirus vaccine?
enterically coated capsules- uncoats (limited replication) in GI to stim IgA prod; GI IgA can protect resp tract mucosa
what are 2 types of coxsackie viruses, where are they found, and what presentation are they assoc with?
A- oropharnyx; vesicular lesions
B-pneumonia, bronchitis, UR flu
transmission of cocksackie?
fecal-oral and airborne
charac of cocksackie
+sense RNA
in Picornaviridae family (enterovirus-polio)
what is herpangina?
vesicular lesions in the throat caused by cocksackie
-white papules, red base and posterior palate
S/S cocksackie infection
sudden fever
sore throat
epstein-barr virus aka:
human herpes virus 4: HHV 4
what does HH4 infect? cause?
only infects oro and nasopharynx epithelial cells and B cells with CD21 (C3dR)
causes mononucleosis
charac of epstein barr virus
in epithelial cells: permissive and lytic
in B cells: episomal (around B cell genome) and latent
clinical disease caused by EBV
most infections asx (asx shedders)
infectious mononucleosis- fever, lymphadenopathy, sore throat (TONSILLAR EXUDATE), apparent LYMPHOCYTOSIS
describe the throat in EBV pharyngitis; what does it resemble?
red throat
white tonsillar exudate
resembles GABHS tonsillitis