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what is a charac of ppl who get fungal infections?
(ex: neutropenia, corticosteroid tx)
what 2 fungi usually cause zygomycosis?
zygomycosis:fungal disease of skin, sinuses or GI
what is rhinocerebral mucormycosis?
life-threatening form of zygomycosis
sinus infection spreads to orbit, palate and brain
seen in ppl with diabetic ketoacidosis
which species are assoc with invading blood vessels?
Aspergillus and Zygomcetes spp
transmission of mucormycosis?
inhalation of sporangiospores (sac of spores)
abundant in nature
what are clinical maifestations of mucormycosis in the thorax?
pulmonary lesions and parenchymal necrosis
diagnosis of rhizopus in zygomycosis?
sputum sample-> microscope ID (KOH)
*nonseptate sporangium (bulb), branching at right angles
ribbon-like, COENOCYTIC hyphae with ROOTS (not in mucor)
what type of agar is used for culture?
SDA-sbouraud's dextrose agar (cotton candy)
MYC-mycosel agar: selective b/c has antibiotics to prevent bacterial growth
tx of zygomucosis
early diagnosis and tx
*Amphotericin B
treat as lethal disease