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HOw are viruses classified?
Virion morphology
Size, shape, type of symmetry, presence/absence of membranes
Physiochemical properties
Viral genome properties
DNA/RNA, segments, size, linear/circular, strandedness
Virus protein properties
Genome organization and replication
Anitgenic properties
Virus family- viridae
Biologic properties
Host range, transmission, tissue tropism, pathology
The capsid is the _________
viral protein unit
nucleocapsid consists of_______ and _______
capsid and nucleic acid
Why would an envelope be an advantage?

How would it be a disadvantage?
Protection looks like host

Interfere with host getting into target cell
Compare and contrast enveloped and non enveloped
Naked capsid-
Environmentally stable
Easily spread
Can dry out- but still be there
Can survive adverse conditions
Leaves cell by lysis
Cell lysis baby virus pops out
Can be controlled w/ antibody alone
An example of a segmented virus?