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staph aureus
capsule, protein A, hemolysin, leukocidin, enterotoxin, exfoliatin, TSST, staphylokinase, MSCRAMM, lipases, DNases, hyaluronidases
strep pyogenes
F protein, M protien, capsule, streptolysin O, streptolysin S, streptokinase, Dnase, hyaluronidase, pyrogenic extotoxin ABC
strep pneumonia
capsule, autolysin, pneumolysin, can survive in phago, IgA protease
mycoplasma pneumonia
P1 pili, stops cilia, peroxide, superoxide, inhibits catalase, activates macrophages to secrete IL
legionella pneumophilia
intracellular organism, uses type IV to inhibit fusion of phago and lyso, motile in water
haemophilius influenza type B
capsule, IgA protease
bordetella portusussis
A/B pertussin- increase histamine and IgE and T, impairs phago.

adenylate cyclase toxin- increase cAMP activating calmodulin

filamentous hemagglutinin- binds ciliated epithelium