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What are some characteristics of adenovirus?
ds DNA; non-enveloped icosahedral
What is the most common viral cause of pharyngitis?
What is the purpose of the fiber on the adenovirus?
hemagglutinating activity; attachment to receptor
What is the receptor in adenovirus?
CAR; member if Ig superfamily
How is adenovirus transmitted?
aerosol, close contact, fecal-oral, direct or indirect to mucosa, fomites
Where does adenovirus attack in humans?
mucoepithelial cells in respiratory tract, GI tract, conjunctiva or cornea
What does the subgenus of adenovirus tell you/
functional components....F is most oncogenic
What are the serotypes for acute respiratory disease of recruits?
How is a adenovirus detected?
detection of antigen, virus isolation, serology
What is CEP
complement fixation test; clear area on slide will tell area of lysis
Is there a vaccine for adenovirus?
only for the acute respiratory distress syndrome serotypes
What are some characteristics of coxsackie virus?
cytolytic, enterovirus, naked, + stranded RNA, icosahedral capsid
What is herpangina? and what causes it?
vascular lesions in the throat caused by coxsackie virus
s/s of herpangina
sudden fever, sore throat, headache, dysphagia, malaise, white papules on posterior of palate
characteristics of EBV
only infects certain epithelial cells and B lymphocytes with receptor for C3d
Where is EBV permissive and lytic?
epithelial cells
Where is EBV episomal and latent?
B lymphocytes
What does EBV cause?
infectious mononucleosis and pharyngitis
s/s mono
fever, lymphadenopathy, sore throat with tonsillar exudates
What is the most common cause of the common cold?
clinical characteristics of common cold
acute, afebrile
When does rhinovirus cause the cold?
When does coronavirus cause the cold?
characteristics of the rhinovirus?
nonenveloped icosahedral capsid; ss +sense RNA, replication in cytoplasm using RNA-dependent RNA polymerase
What is resistant to drying and detergents?
What is the receptor for rhinovirus?
how is rhinovirus transmitted?
fecal-oral, direct contact, aerosols, fomites
incubation for rhiniovirus?
1-2 days with 7 day illness duration
characteristics of coronavirus
+ sense ssRNA, enveloped
Where does coronavirus infect?
ciliated epithelium of URT, leading to cell damage and inflammation
How is coronavirus trasmitted?
airborne droplets to the nasal mucosa
What are most cases of acute rhinosinusitis caused by?
rhinovirus and adenovirus
What are the bacterial pathogens for acute rhinosinusitis?
S. pneumoniae and H. influenza
What does parainfluenza cause?
common cold
s/s laryngitis
hoarseness, weak voice, tickling sensation and rawness of throat, sore throat, dry throat and cough
Who usually has croup?
children <4 with laryngitis
s/s of croup
barking cough, swelling around vocal cords
differential for croup
diphtheria, epiglottitis