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library of all genes, includes chromosomes and plasmids
segment of DNA that code for functional products usually a protein
potential genes of organism. may not use all but they are available
actual expression of genes, use only what I need to survive
open reading frames
regions of DNA that are base sequences between start and stop codons that encode a protein
transcription produces _______ , translation produces _________,
mRNA, proteins
bacterial DNA is ________
single circular chromosome made of a single circular molecule of DNA and proteins.
bacterial chromosome is attached to the _____________
plasma membrane
DNA replication
double helix separates as weak hydrogen bonds break in response to the replication enzymes
DNA base pairs
All the Chemistry is Gross
RNA base pairs
All U Crazy (red hair) Girls
leading strand is synthesized _______
continuously synthesized
complementary, think ______
RNA. Like a generic of a name brand.
anti-parallel think _____
DNA. Daughter strands -upside down
DNA polymerase
enzymes that synthesize DNA