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Normal flora of skin
S. epidermis
Normal flora of nose
S. aureus
Normal flora of oropharynx
S. viridans
Normal flora of dental plaque
S. mutans
Normal flora of colon
bacteriodes fragilis > E coli
Normal flora of vagina
lactobacillus, E coli, group B strep
Most common cause of pneumo in children
VIRUSES, mycoplasma, chlamydia, s pneumo
Most common cause of pneumo in adults
MYCO, c pneumo, s pneumo
Most common cause of pneumo in older adults
S PNEUMO, h influ, anaerobes, viruses, myco
Most common cause of pneumo in eldery
S PNEUMO, viruses, anaerobes, h influ, GN rods
Pneumo in less than 6 weeks
GBS, E coli, listeria
nocosomial pneumo
Staph, GN rods
immunocompromised pneumo
Staph, GN rods, fungi, viruses, PCP (AIDS)
aspiration pneumo
alcoholic/IV drug user
S pneumo, kleb, staph
post viral pneumo
staph, h influ
neonate pneumo
GBS, e coli
atypical pneumo
myco, legionella, chlamydia
meningitis in newborn
GBS, e coli, listeria
meningitis in children
s pneumo, n mening, h influ, enterovirsues (echo and coxsackie)
meningitis in 6-60
N mening, enteroviruses, s pneumo, HSV (temporal lobe encephalopathy)
meningitis in elderly
s pneumo, GN rods, listeria
meningitis in HIV
cryptococcus, CMV, toxoplasma, JC virus
CSF findings in bacterial meningitis
Increased P, Increased PMNs, Increased protein, Decreased sugar
CSF findings in fungal/tb meningitis
Increased P, Increased lymphos, Increased protein, decreased sugar
CSF findings in viral meningitis
Increased/nl P, increased lymphos, nl protein, nl sugar
Osteomyelitis nl ppl
S aureus
OM in sexually active
OM in DM
OM in sickle cell
vertebral OM
myco tb
most common cause of UTI
E coli, Kleb, S saprophyticus
hospital UTI
e coli, proteus, kleb, serratia, pseudomonas
Proteus UTI
motility causes swarming on agar; produces urease; associated with struvite stones
Pseudomonas UTI
indwelling catheter
UTI in a young boy
posterior uretheral valves- recurrent pyelonephritis
strawberry colored cervix
bacterial vaginosis
gardnerella and anaerobes; fishy smell, clue cells
CT and NG
cervical motion tenderness, purulent cervical discharge, salpingitis, endomitiriosis, hydrosalpins, tuboovarian abscess, liver capsule infection
Most common infections in the newborn nursery
Most common infection in urinary catheterization
E coli, Proteus, pseudomonas, MRSA
Resp infection
water infection
most common congenital infection
CMV- MR, hepatosplenomegaly, deafness, chorioretinitis
Rubella congenital infection
heart disease, PDA, MR, deafness, cataracts
pneumo in pts with other health conditions
bacterial cause of COPD exacerbation
H influ
physiologic discharge
acidic, happens at puberty, WBC on prep
candidiasis discharge
low pH, cottage cheese appearance, DM, recent AB
budding yeasts pseudohyphae
Trichomonas discharge
high pH, irritating, strawberry mucosa, triangle shaped organisms with whipping flagella
bacteria vaginosis discharge
high ph, itches, clue cells
staghorn caliculi