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what does adenovirus cause
-common cold
-acute respiratory distress
what are characteristics of adenovirus
-ds DNA
-non-env, icosahedral
-mainly polumorphic with 47 serotypes known
-classified into 6 denera A-F
what kind of activity does adenovirus have that helps it attach to receptor
fiber-hemagglutinating activity
what receptor is required by adenovirus and what is unique about it
it req CAR
and the unique thing is the same receptor is required by coaxake virus
-receptor helps attach to Ig superfamily
what is the mechanism of infection w/adenovirus
-man reservoir
-direct, close contact
-mucosa involved
what is the pathogenesis and immunity of adenvirus
tropism, effects many cells like mucoepithelial cells of GI tract , conjunctiva, cornea
-lytic, persistent and latent infections
what are the clinical diseases associated with bordetella pertussis
ARd and pneumonia
what is unique about adenovirus transmission
it can be spread by swimming in poorly cl pools
what is mode of transmission overall
virus can get in through the eye and upper respiratory but it doesn't stays localized, it spreads
what are respiratory syndromes that are caused by adenovirus subgenera
acute respiratory disease of recruits 4,7, 14, 21
pharyngoconjunctival fever
pertussis like syndromes
severe disease in AIDS
what is the lab diagnosis against adenovirus
-Ag detection
-location= rapidly isolated from nasopharyngeal aspirates
-serology= a retrospective diagnosis can be made via ELISA. CFT used the most
does adenovrius have CPE (cytopathic effect)
yes, it has dark basophillic inclusions w/in the nuclei represent accumulated viral protein at the site of virus assembly
what is the treatment and prevention of adenovirus
-there is no antiviral therapy
-there is a vaccine available against adult respiratory distress syndrome 4,7,14,21
who should be given 4,7,21 vaccine
military recruits due to close quarters