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the ultra sturcture of cells is studied by using this microscope
A theory that states that living organisms came from non living matter is called
Spontaneous generation an example for a Gram positive bacteria
Variolation is a process to develop immunity against
small pox an example for a disease caused by fungi
Algae belong to the Kingdom
UTI is caused by
Rabies vaccine was developed by
Louis Pasteur
A modified version of this vaccine is used as a skin test
The field of study of algae is known as
The kingdom.......mainly deals with bacteria
The generation of time E. coli is
20 mins
......cells don't contain cell wall
.....disease was responsible for matricide/infanticide before the invention of antibotics
Child bed fever
Bacteria increase in size and not in number
During this phase the number of dead cells produced is equal to the number of live cells
Stationary phase
Bacteria can be kept in log phase forever by a
One of the major side effects of steptomycin is
These are the only microorganisms that don't cause any infection diseases
Bacteria don't contain......hence know as prokaryote
This organism requires very little oxygen for growth
E. coli/Staphylococcus/Neisseria gonorrhea
This acidophil is the most dominant organism in the vagina of a women of bearing age
......denotes change in morphology, physiology, and biochemistry
Involution takes place in this phase of growth
death phase/deline
Mycology deals with the study of
This bacteria is known to cause ulcers
Helicobacter pylori
The swan neck flask experiment was used to disprove
spontaneous generation
The BBL Enterotube is used in
Helicobacter pylori is an example of
One of the drawbacks of a simple microscope is
presence of concentric rings
Treponema palladium causes this disease
The source of illumination in a dark field microscope is
light bulb
The source of illumination in SEM/TEM is
electron beam
The ultra violet rays are the sources of illumination of this microscope
fluorescent microscope
Cells accumulate ATP in the growth phase
Vibro cholerae grows well at this pH
above pH 11.0
This is the most accurate method to identify bacteria
16S rRNA used as a mordant in gram staining
This chemical is known to absorb oxygen from the media
A bacteria that can grow well between 15-20 C is known as
Lactobacilli is an example for
A bacteria that can grow well above 50 C is called
The presence of oxygen is lethal to
This organism produces vitamin K in our body
E. coli
MacConkey agar plates are typical example for
Differential medium
The second name under binomial nomenclature signifies
specific epithet
Colonies of this bacteria are blue in color on MacConkey agar plates
E. coli
When the counts of bacteria are low Medial technologist use this media
enrichment medium
The objective lens that has lowest magnifications
scanning objective
a virus that infects a bacteria is known as
The first name in a binomial classification is known as
Eukaryotes are mainly identified based on
These are the only organisms that can convert sugar to alcohol
This staining technique is used to detect bacteria that cause TB
Ziehl Nielson acid fast
This mircoorganism mainly mulitiples by budding
Bacteria that cause disease in humans are mainly
The DNA of this microorganism is mainly used in PCR
Thermus aquaticus
SPS agar is a specialized media to isolate this bacteria
This bacteria is light sensitive
Treponema palladium
Penicillian was discovered by
Alexander Fleming
Tuberculosis is caused by
Chicken pox is caused by
Describe the swan neck flask experiment
The swan neck flasks contained infusion thatwere boiled. Each was handled differently and only one was contaminated with bacteria. It disproved spontaneous generation
Disadvantages of microorganisms
Disease, odor, and food spoilage
What is pasterization? Name the commodities that are pasteurized?
It is when wine was heated to 56 degrees w/out oxygen it would kill the bacteria. Commodities: Wine & milk
List Koch postulates
1. Causative agent must be found in every case of the disease.2.The disease organism must be isolated in pure culture. 3. Inoculation of a sample of the culture into a healthy animal and produce the same disease. 4. Disease must be recover inoculated animal
If you use a high power lens (40x) and an ocular lens (10x), what is the magnification?
List two types of dyes. Which is the most popular?
Cationic & Anionic. Cationic is because it is positively charged and most organisms are negatively charged
List three cationic dyes
Methylene blue, malachite green, & crystal violet
List two types of staining procedures. What is their difference.
Simple and differiential. Simple uses one dye. Differiential uses two or more dyes
List the 2 different dyes used in acid fast stain
Carbolfuchsin & methylene blue
List the 2 common methods of reproduction in microorganism. Which is common in yeast.
Binary fission and budding. Budding is common in yeast
List 2 differences between a bacterial and an animal cell
Bacteria has a cell wall, animals do not. Cell division is different in bacteria than in animal cells - binary fission/budding and mother cells in animal.
List 3 reason for the low bacterial growth during decline phase
space, toxic waste, and lace of nutrients
Why would you heat fix a bateria?
1. kill the bacteria
2. adhere bacteria to the slide
3. helps dye accept stain
List 3 viral & 3 bacterial diseases
b - TB, Cholera, E. coli
v - HIV, AIDs, Flu
Explain enrichment media
contains special nutrients that allow growth of a particular organism that might not otherwise be present. Example Salmonella typhi
Explain differential media w/ example
Changes color or pH due to growth. Clostridium botulinum
Classify bacteria based on pH
Acidophiles - Lactobacillus
Neutrophiles - Staph
Alkaliphiles - Vibrio choleae
Classify bacteria based on temperature
Mesophiles - thermoduric
Thermophiles - Bacillus stearothermphilus
Psychropiles- Bacillus globisporus
What kind of information would you get from Saccharomyces cervicide and Staphylococcus aureus
sugar, fungi
cluster and gold
What is API? Explain its use in Microbiology
Analytical Profile Index. Used to identify bacteria.
During which stages do the following occur?
1.# of dead cells = # of live cells produced
2. Accumulation only ATP
3. # of dead cells more than live cells produced
1. stationary
3. Decline