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dna replication is
the term antiparallel refers to
the opposite orientation of the two strands in dna
there are___ codons to code for the 20 possible amino acids.
which may be or is an Rna molecule
gggccca, gcccuua
which molecule carries an anticodon
some segments of the precursor mrna in eukaryotes are non coding and are called
the specific sequence of nucleotides in the dna to which the rna polymerase binds is the
promoter region.
the designation his- refers to
a and b
whcih would have the lease effect on the amino acid sequence
addition / deletion of 3 consecutives nucleotides.
segments of dna capable of mocving from one area in the dna to another are called
on which strand would uv radiation have the most effect?
x rays do what?
cause single and double strand breaks.
which is not true about mismatch repair.
it removes both strands in the mismatch area.
provide an environment in which pre-existing mutants survive.
prokaryotic cell mutations can be observed very quickly because the prokaryotic chromosome is>
the mechanism by which genes are transferred into bacteria via viruses are called
competent cells.
a c d.
restriction enzymes
a and b
gene transfer that requires cell to cell contact are
which of these are not part of dna.
individual nucleotides are added to dna chains by the action of which enzyme
dna polymerase
the first region of the dna to be recognized by rna polymerase is called the
how many possible codons are there
in the eucaryotic cell, what is the region called that contains the readable codons?
the ___ contains all the genetic information for an organism.
we now know that ___ was responsible for producking the smooth and rouch colony morpholyg of strep Pneum.
in order for dna replication to occur the following must happen
hydrogen bonds must be broken.
the copying of rna from a dna template is called...
the term that descibes the fact that more then one code exists for an amino acid is ____
which of the following pairs is mismatched..
rna polymerase- makes a molecule of rna from an rna template.
two daughters cells are most likely to inherit which one of the following from the parent cell
a change in a nucleotide in Dna.
if you knew the sequenc of nucleotides within a gene, which one of the following could you determine with the most accuracy`
the primary structure of the protein.
the visible expression of genes is called a
guanine can form how many hydrogen bonds with cytosine?
a cell that cannot make trna
cant make proteins