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The science of heredity
The transmission of genetic information from an organism to its offspring
All information necessary for life is stored in an organism's
genetic material in DNA
Typically circular in Prokaryotes or linear thread like in Eukaryotes molecules of DNA. Also contain the genes
DNA is a macromolecule composed of repeating units called
DNA strand has a backbone of...held together by...
Alternating sugar, base, and phosphate group...hydrogen bonds
Three parts of Nucleotide?
1.Nitrogeneous base(Adenine, Thyamine, Cytosine, Guanine)
2.Deoxyribose(Pentose sugar without one oxygen)
3. Phosphate Group
Complementary of Base Pairing Adenine to....Cytosine to...
Thyanine, Guanine
TRUE/FALSE...Complementary sequence of bases on one DNA strand determines the sequences of bases on other DNA strand
Importance of complementary sequence?
Allows for precise duplication of DNA during cell division
Set of rules that determine how a NUCLEOTIDE sequence is converted into AMINO ACID sequence of proteins
The Genetic Code
Much of cellular metabolism is concerned with TRANSLATING...into....
genes, specific proteins
Gene usually codes for....results in the formation of proteins
messenger RNA
A gene product can be...
ribosomal RNA (rRNA) or transfer RNA (tRNA)
Entire DNA or collection of genes. It is the entire genetic material of an organism. It represents the POTENTIAL properties
Refers to the actual EXPRESSED properties of an organism. It is an organism's collection of protein.
When DNA serves as a template for synthesis of RNA pairing is different...
Thyamine (T) replaced with Uracil (U)
HIV is an example of a...which is...?
Retrovirus.....RNA has the ability to make more DNA which can also make more RNA