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In naming amines what are the two important rules:
1. Identify the carbon-containing groups attached to the nitrogen atom

2. List the carbon-containing groups in alphabetical order and follow them by ‘amine’
Name this molecule
Name this molecule
Amides are considered to be amine derivatives of
carboxyllic acids (one of the carbons connected to the nitrogen contains a double bond to an oxygen atom)
Amides are

What makes amides so neutral?
their inability to give up or accept hydrogens.
Amides are the essential link to forming
Amide + Water (enzyme) --->
Carboxyllic acid + AMINE
Hydrolysis of amides
Name this reaction
Outside the body, the hydration of amides requires what catalysts?
Heat and acid or base.
Why is an enzyme required inside the body?
because a person's body tempeterture must stay constant.