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How many Senators does each State have?
2; 100
Who elects U.S. Senators?
The people of the whole state.
How were they elected before the 17th Amendment?
State Legislators picked them.
If the Vice President isn't there, then who is in charge of the Senate?
One of the Senators. His title is

President Pro Temporare (which means "Temporary President")
How many Senators are up for reelection at each election?
1/3 or 33%
Who is President of the Senate?
The Vice President of the United States (currently, Dick Cheney is the Vice President)
How long does each Senator serve before his or her next election?
Six years.
What is said of the Senate in regard to impeachment?
The Jury
What is the salary of a senator?
Does the passing of a bill by the Senate and the House of Representatives makes it a law?
No. After both the Senate and the House pass a bill, the President has to pass it for it to become law.

If the President turns it down, it goes back to the Senate and the House. If a whole bunch of the Senators and the Representatives still want it to be a law (2/3 of them, to be exact), they can overrule the President, but almost all of them have to agree.
What does it mean to override a veto?
If the President turns down a bill, and the House and Senate don't like that, they can vote to override the President. If 2/3 of the House and 2/3 of the Senate vote to override the President, the bill becomes law without him.
What happens if a Senator dies?
The govener appoints someone.
What does the Senate do besides pass bills?
They act as jury if a big shot federal official becomes impeached. They also approve treaties.
How long does a Representative serve before she has to be reelected?
They have to be reelected every 2 years.
What is a Representative's salary?
How do they decide how many Representatives a State gets?
The more people in a State, the more representatives they get. California and New York have a whole lot of representatives because they have a lot of people. North Dakota doesn't have very many people, and they only have one Representative.
How many Representatives are there?
What qualifications do you have to have if you want to be a Representative?
You have to be 25 years old.
You have to be a U.S. citizen.
You have to live in the State that elects you.
What power does the House have regarding impeachment?
Only the House can "impeach" a big shot federal officer. That is, they say to the officer "You're in trouble, and we're sending you over to the Senate so they can decide if you're guilty."
Who is the presiding officer of the House? (That is, who gets to tell all the other Representatives what to do)
The Speaker of the House (when she Speaks, everyone has to listen)
Every time Congress meets in Washington, they give it a number. What number Congress is currently meeting in Washington?
The 109th Congress.
Where must all revenue bills begin? (A revenue bill is a law that allows the Government to make money -- like an income tax)
The House of Representatives.
How old do you have to be a Senator?
30 years old. You also have to be a U.S. citizen for at least 9 years, and you have to live in the State that elects you.
What is the Congress?
That's what you call both the House and the Senate. When you say "Congress did this," what you mean is that "The House and the Senate did this."
Where do the Senators and the Representatives meet?
In the United States Capitol, in Washington, D.C. (I used to work there!)
What is the main duty of Congress?
It is to make laws.
Let's say that we have a Presidential election, but nobody gets enough votes to be a winner. Then what happens?
The House of Representatives votes and decides who will be President.
Who introduces a bill?
Either a Senator or a Representative.
What happens when they introduce a bill?
A "committee" (small group) takes a look at it. If they like it, they send it to the entire House or Senate so that they can vote on it.