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What is a potential problem with identification by staining and microscopy ?
specimen collected from patient may contain several different organisms
The primary isolation media is often a general purpose media such as ___.
blood agar
What type of media is used to culture metabolically fastidious bacteria?
enriched media
List 5 characteristics important to bacterial identification on culture media
hemolytic reactions (blood agar only)
required oxygen? (y/n)
List 2 identification kits
API strips
BBL Enterotubes
Define selective media
one in which compounds are used to selectively inhibit growth
Define differential media
one in which indicator dye allows identification of bacteria by thier appearance on the media
How are pathogens tested for antibiotic sensitivity?
the disk diffusion antibiotic susceptibility test
In the disk diffusion antibiotic susceptibility test 'sensitive' is defined as ___
a zone of inhibition equal to or greater than the standard threshold
In the disk diffusion antibiotic susceptibility test 'resistant' is defined as ___
a zone of inhibition less than the standard threshold
What are growth-independent identification methods based on?
The use of antibodies to recognize determinants
What are two types of assays that are used in identification?
agglutination assay

fluorescently-labelled antibody assay