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Miasm Q&A pairs
Acute 1-16, Rabies 17-21, Typhoid 22-41, Psoric 42-55, Ringworm 56-63, Malarial 64-82, Sycotic 83-108, Tubercular 109-126, Cancer 127-143, Leprosy 144-152, Syphilitic 153-169, Pre-miasmatic 170-173.
Acute nosode
Acute remedy examples (1)
Stramonium, Hydrogen, Aconite, Belladonna. (SHAB)
Acute remedies (2)
Chocolate, Arnica, Lithium, Alkaloids. (CALA)
Acute definitions (1)
Suddenness, Instinctive reaction, Sudden acute threat from the outside world. (SIS)
Acute definitions (2)
Bomb blast, Intense, Great danger, Fight / Flight. (BIG F's)
Acute definitions (3)
Shocked and immobile, Escape, Helpless, Beside oneself, Panicked. (SHE BP)
Acute definitions (4)
Sudden impulsive violence, Hyperactive and impulsive, Excitable. (SHE)
Acute age
Young remedies, Childish, Naive, Preverbal.
Acute feelings
Feelings of small and big, Instinctive.
Acute developmental stage
Acute Pace
Acute game
Peek-a-boo, Thrown into air and caught.
Acute pathology (1)
Panic attacks, Mania, Stroke, Sudden manifestations, High fevers. (PMS SH. . .)
Acute Pathology (2)
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. (PTSD)
Acute Student stage
Beginning stage.
Rabies miasm Q&A pairs (Lou Klein - same as Acute?)
Rabies nosode
Rabies remedies
Lyssinum, Lachesis, Stramonium, Curare, Hyoscyamus. (LL SCH)
Rabies keynotes (1)
Sudden random violence, aggression out of control.
Rabies keynotes (2)
Biting, striking, mutilation, self abuse.
Typhoid miasm
Typhoid nosode
Typhoid lies between .. and .. miasms
Acute and Psoric. (A&P)
Typhoid remedies (1)
Nux vomica, Chamomilla, Helleborus, Phosphoric acid, Baptisia. (NCH PhB)
Typhoid remedies (2)
Hyoscyamus, Ipecachuana, Most acids, Bryonia alba, Rhus toxicodendron. (HIM BR . . .)
Typhoid fever
High fever for 2-3 weeks with a critical phase, then fine.
Typhoid complications
Delirium, Intestinal perforation. (DIP)
Typhoid feeling (1)
Threat and panic followed by hope.
Typhoid feeling (2)
Prolonged effort before a position of safety is reached.
Typhoid feeling (3)
Tremendous effort concentrated over a short period to reclaim comfort and security.
Typhoid desire
Desires to go home.
Typhoid development stage
Children (2-12)
Typhoid pace (1)
Demanding, Impatience, Grab it, Competitive. (DIG C)
Typhoid pace (2)
Want it all right now. Self centered.
Typhoid game
Hide and seek.
Typhoid image
Fire in the house.
Typhoid student stage
Just get me through the crisis and I'll be fine. Up all night studying for an exam.
Typhoid sensations (1)
Sinking, As if he has lost his bed, Losing a position of comfort. (SAiL)
Typhoid sensations (2)
Business failure, Critical period, Dangerous, risky, Everything is changed suddenly. (BCDE)
Typhoid sensations (3)
Sudden sinking, Sudden loss of protection, Collapse.
Psoric miasm Q&A pairs
Psoric nosode
Psoric remedies
Sulphur, Lycopodium, Calcarea carbonica.
Psora - Hahnemann's designation
The Itch.
Psoric state
Deficiency or under-reaction.
Psoric ailments
Weakness, Allergies, Headaches, Fatigue, Anxiety. (WAH FA)
Psoric developmental stage
Psoric game
Psoric individuation process
Persona, Developing Personality traits. (PDP)
Psoric myths
Expulsion from Paradise, Fallen Angel.
Psoric feeling
Optimism, I can do anything, Solvable problem.
Psoric Student stage
I just need to work hard enough and I'll be OK, Hopeful, Effort.
Kent on Psora
"Psora is the beginning of all physical sickness."
Hahnemann on Psora
"The internal monstrous chronic miasm of psora is immeasurably more widespread, and consequently more significant, than [syphilis and sycosis].
Ringworm miasm Q&A pairs
Ringworm nosode
Ringworm lies between .. and .. miasms
Psoric and Sycotic.
Ringworm remedy examples (1)
Calcarea sulphurica, Actea spicata, Sarsaparilla, Calcarea silicata. (CASC)
Ringworm remedy examples (2)
Ringworm, Magnesia sulphurica, Taraxacum (dandelion).
Ringworm pace
Problems keep coming up from time to time, Problem is nagging, not desperate, Problem is always with you, Not able to solve the problem.
Ringworm state
Difficult situation beyond easy reach, Alternating between struggle and resignation, You make an effort and it gets better and then falls back into the same feeling.
Ringworm rubric
Skin, trichophytosis (ringworm).
Malarial miasm Q&A
Malarial miasm lies between .. and .. miasms
Acute and Sycotic.
Malarial remedy examples (1)
China, Antimonium crudum, Spigelia anthelmia, Cina, Sumbul. (CASCS)
Malarial remedy examples (2)
Colocynthis, Ranunculus bulbosus, Eupatorium perfoliatum, Natrum muriaticum, Capsicum. (CRENC)
Malarial image
Person dependent on angry, rude boss - feels powerless.
Malarial state (1)
Stuck, Fixed, Dependent with intermittent attacks, Must bear it because you are limited.
Malarial state (2)
Homesickness, Sentimental, Focus on natural beauty.
Malarial state (3)
Intermittent or Suppressed anger, Passive aggressive. (ISP)
Malarial state (4)
Feeling of being hindered, injured and attacked, feels unfortunate.
Malarial state (5)
Lamenting, miserable, brooding, Avoids situations and runs away, Whining and complaining, Periodicity.
Malarial state (6)
Paroxysmal fears.
Malarial developmental state
Childhood to middle age.
Malarial game
Blind Man's Bluff (cannot see, from time to time others hit him from out of nowhere).
Malarial pathology (1)
Migraines, Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Meniere's disease (auditory vertigo - Symptoms = vertigo, nausea, vomiting, tinnitus, progressive deafness).
Malarial pathology (2)
Worms (intermittent - trouble you from time to time), Asthma, Colitis, Colic.
Malarial student stage
Lamenting and complaining that it's too hard alternating with periods of feeling attacked by other students or faculty.
Malarial rubrics (1)
Mind, complaining.
Malarial rubrics (2)
Fever, intermittent, chronic.
Malarial rubrics (3)
Generalities, periodicity.
Sycotic Q&A
Sycotic nosode
Sycotic remedy examples (1)
Medorrhinum, Natrum sulphuricum, Thuja, Pulsatilla. (MeNT P)
Sycotic remedy examples (2)
Cannabis indica, Animals, Silica, Kali sulphuricum. (CASK)
Sycotic state (1)
Flowing outward.
Sycotic state (2)
Surfeit, Tumors, Excess, Warts, Growths. (STEW G)
Sycotic state (3)
Discharge ameliorates, Worse suppression. (DAWS)
Sycotic state (4)
Age of sexual freedom.
Sycotic state (5)
Enmeshed relationships, Dysfunctional families, Communication patterns too dense.
Sycotic state (6)
SECRETIVENESS, Must HIDE because cannot handle exposure.
Sycotic state (7)
AVOIDANCE behaviors, Exposure means GUILT, remorse and self-reproach.
Sycotic state (8)
Inner feeling of inadequacy and inferiority that must not be exposed.
Sankaran on Sycotic state
"I'm OK as long as my weakness is covered up and I'm not exposed."
Sycotic modalities
Evening ameliorates, Worse (<) damp weather.
Sycotic etiology
Vaccinations (and many others).
Sycotic pathologies (1)
Environmental sensitivity, Allergic reactions, Restricted lives, Hypersensitivity. (EARl H)
Sycotic pathologies (2)
Asthma, Warts, Neurosis.
Sycotic pace
Slow growth of problems, More of the time (as against Malarial - some of the time)
Sycotic age
Sycotic game
Poker (others should not see your hand or be able to read your face).
Sycotic picture
Person practicing without proper qualifications.
Sycotic student stage
This is more than I can do but I'll pretend that I'm doing OK since everyone else seems to be.
Sycotic individuation process
Shadow, Exploring the unconscious.
Sycotic myths
Suffering in Hell, Underworld, Hades / Pluto, Devil.
Sycotic rubric
Generalities, sycosis (Gonorrhea, suppressed).
Tubercular Q&A
Tubercular nosode
Tubercular remedy and family examples (1)
Insects, Spiders, Abrotanum, Drosera. (I SAD)
Tubercular remedies (2)
Brominum, Arsenicum iodatum, Calcarea phosphoricum, Tuberculinum, Phosphorus. (BACT P)
Tubercular pathology (1)
Respiratory problems, Consumption.
Tubercular pathology (2)
Night sweats, cough, weight loss, malaise.
Tubercular emotional state (1)
Burn the candle at both ends, Romanticism, Excitement.
Tubercular emotional state (2)
Grass is always greener, Want pine forest.
Sankaran on Tubercular state (1)
Suffocation with hectic activity to break free of restriction.
Sankaran on Tubercular state (2)
Need to break free.
Sankaran on Tubercular state sensations (1)
Caught, Compressed, Suffocated, Trapped. (CCST)
Sankaran on Tubercular state sensations (2)
Gap is narrowing, Time is short, If you stop moving you're dead.
Tubercular Developmental age
Tubercular game
Beat the clock, Races.
Tubercular pathology (Sankaran)
ADD, TB, Respiratory.
Tubercular picture (Sankaran)
A Jew in Nazi Germany before the war, A man trapped in a very narrow tunnel.
Tubercular student stage
Desperate, hectic struggle to get it all done with intense desires to break free.
Tubercular rubric
Chest, Phthisis pulmonalis.
Cancer miasm
Cancer nosode
Cancer remedy examples (1)
Carcinosin, Ignatia, Staphysagria, Conium, Kali arsenicum. (CISCK)
Cancer remedy examples (2)
Arsenicum album, Kali bichromicum, Anacardium, Ruta graveolens, Argentum nitricum. (AKARA)
Sankaran on Cancer state (1)
Perfectionism, Desperate struggle and barely making it.
Sankaran on Cancer state (2)
High expectations on part of parents, No rest or freedom from tension
Sankaran on Cancer state (3)
Fear of failure - failure means death and destruction, Living up to standards much beyond your capacity.
Sankaran on Cancer state (4)
Need for control vs. chaos, stretching beyond the limit to keep things in control.
Sankaran on Cancer state (5)
Self control, loss of control in failed state.
Sankaran on Cancer state (6)
Continuous and prolonged struggle.
Cancer state
Feeling of guilt (Sycosis), Feeling that one is not up to standards, Fastidiousness.
Cancer developmental age
Cancer game
Juggling on a tightrope, Gymnastics, Figure skating.
Cancer pathology
Cancer picture
Child of alcoholic parents where their whole world is chaotic.
Student stage
Desperate struggle for perfection in one's studies.
Cancer rubric
Generalities, cancerous affections.
Leprosy miasm
Leprosy nosode
Leprosy comparison
Close to Syphilis miasm.
Leprosy remedy examples (1)
Secale, Aloe, Curare, Leprominium, Ambra grisea, Coca (SAC LAC).
Leprosy remedy examples (2)
Sepia, Sol-t-ae (Solanum tuberosum aegrotans), Hura, Hydrastis, Iodum, Fungi. (SSHH IF)
Sankaran on Leprosy state (1)
Dirty, Unclean, Disgusting, Despised, Dreams of excrement. (DUDDD)
Sankaran on Leprosy state (2)
Poisoned, Outcast, Separate, Shunned, Contempt, Hunted down. (POSSCH)
Sankaran on Leprosy state (3)
Suicidal and homicidal, Self abuse, Despair, No hope.
Leprosy rubric
Skin, eruptions, leprosy.
Syphilitic miasm
Syphilis nosode
Syphilis movement
Flowing inward, Destructiveness.
Syphilis pathology
Destruction, Ulcers, Bone pains, Erosive internal problems. (DUBE)
Syphilis state
Introversion, Suicidal depression, Impossible, Focus on dirt and cleanliness, Alcoholism. (ISIFA)
Syphilis modalities
Worse night (sundown to sunrise), Headache at night.
Syphilis state
I cannot cope with the problem, I must do something desperate, Despair and nihilism.
Syphilis remedy examples
Syphilinum, Heavy metals, Aurum, Baryta carbonica, Hepar sulphuris calcarea (SHAB H).
Syphilis state
Distancing and strangeness of behavior, Mentalized, Arrogance/narcissism. (DMA)
Sankaran on Syphilis state (1)
Great isolation, All of the time, Impossible.
Syphilis picture
Captain of a sinking ship.
Syphilis Game
Playing chess with a superior computer.
Syphilis Pathology (1)
Ulcers, Bone pains, Autoimmune disease, Abortion, Destructive (UBAAD).
Student stage
Hopelessness, Despair vs. destruction.
Syphilis progression
Coming full stage to acute? (Violence of both).
Syphilis additional remedies
Radioactive remedies.
Syphilis rubric
Generalities, syphilis.
Premiasmatic "miasm"
Premiasmatic state (1)
Not yet in the body, Not fully incarnated, Death and rebirth, Phoenix, Resurrection.
Premiasmatic state (2)
Feelings of floating.
Premiasmatic remedy examples
Drug remedies, Noble gases, Conifers, ?Hydrogen, ?Imponderables.