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The primary FMC (FMC2) is located?
Transition section
A Slip Indicator (Ball) is incorporated into the FDs lower frame (T/F)
Control of Radio & Internal comms for hoist, C/c, & gunner is provided by
When the RCU is on it takes control of the selected MFR, regardless of AMC/FMC status (T/F)
Primary subsystem of Avionics Subsystem include each except
Only input of a backup instrument to DHD & OSI is the BARALT to the
Each MFR provides each capability except
Which unit allows Pitot &Co/p to control radio and internal comms
The ILS provides glide slope, LOC, and MkrBkn (dist to runway) (T/F)
The Backup flight instruments consist of the following except
Stabilator indicator
The 3 modes of DALS operation are CONT, HOME, & MAN (T/F)
DALS provides aircraft w/ the ability to locate downed Fltcrew equipped w/ a
compatible survival radio
CAUTION— Improper shutdown of the FMP may cause data corruption on the
Available range scales in the MAP mode are 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, & 128 MN; determined by
doubling the value on the inner ring
Designation of the PKs is such that no function is greater than ___ levels down in PK hierarchy
RADALT data is provided up to ___ ft w/ pitch/roll less than ___ deg
The 1553B data bus is non-redundant (T/F)
FMP software performs the following except
Flt data recording
The FFK allowing the P. / C/p to reposition GEOSIT disp centered on HOOK POSN
The UCK is used to set the following values except
Hover height
Which bezel key brings up menus for testing individual Avionics Equipment
The Interaction Control Key submitting values and changing the system for processing is
Data Handling System (DHS) initialization begins with placing the ___ switch(es) to ___.
When the bkup FMC is cont the DHS the ___ advisory will appear
The PCMCIAs are necessary to boot up the FMC1. (T/F)
For correct data xfer the PCMCIAs must be inserted ___.
prior to turning the CMPTR PWR switches to ON
Secondary windows appear at the bottom of the primary window and can be moved to the top ½ of the primary window by depressing the ___
PCMCIAs are used to load the following except
COMSEC codes
In the event of a problem w/ a PCMCIA, or when 1 is not installed in the DTS, the ___ light will illume on the CMP
menus to generate a SAR search pattern are accessed by depressing the ___ FFK
The flight mgmt computer and Flt mission display subsystem pwr requirements are met when the APU gen is on (T/F)
To disp the actual pos coordinates of a symbol the P/C/p must hook-select that symbol then depress the ___ FFK
The N/H/T bezel key ___
– is available in the MAP mode only
The max selectable range scale for a geosit disp is ___ NM
– 256 NM (min range 0.25 NM)
Display area 1 displays one operator action alert (two lines) and up to 6 dedicated lines for ___
annunciators: -NAV mode -Armament (not currently used; WOW is disp here) -IFF/Mayday (eg. 4AUD OFF) -Countermeasures (not currently used; EXT PWR ON is disp here) -HOOK/HOIST (eg. Hook open) -Guidance (eg. ENROUTE/ENROUTE
LOAD advisory light on the CMP indicates that ___.
power has been successfully applied
Hover Position Mark Point & Approach Desired Track –
green circle w/ a cyan wedge indicating hover pos relative to the fly-to-point & desired approach angle.
Horizontal Acceleration Cue
– white circle indicating bearing & acceleration in reference to the velocity vector. The outer circle of disp represents 6 ft/s sq
Velocity Vector
green, originates from the aircraft symbol, indicating actual helicopter drift. The inner circle of disp represents 10 kts, the outer circle 20 kts
Altitude Error Box
magenta, indicates deviation from the selected hover height. If error box corners touch inner circle, then error = 0. If error box corners touch outer circle, then helicopter ALT is 40 ft less than selected. If error box shrinks to fit within the inner circle, then hover ALT is higher than selected.
Available ranges in HVR mode are
8 NM & 800 yds
= white pointer and scale 0-1000 ft
AFCC ALT caret
magenta, indicates the hover height selected on AFCS CONTROL panel. Appears only when approaching a coupled hover / while in a coupled hover.
dial indications & digital indication go to 10010 ft & P.s hear 5 beeps in headsets
VSI in fpm
indicated as a rising/descending cyan-filled area originating from 0 index. No digi readout
-Range of 3,000 fpm w/ increments of 100 fpm from 0-1,000 fpm 500 fpm from 1,000-3,000 fpm
There are 7 thermocouples on the TGT harness in the Np section measuring
There are 2 Np sensors in the engine exhaust section, identical and interchangeable, serving different functions
-Left-hand sensor provides Np signal to FD and Np-governing function
-Right-hand sensor provides signal for TQ computation and Np overspeed protection
Nr sensor mounted on
right-hand accessory module
Engine TQ is measured by the right-hand Np sensor in the
engine exhaust section
Xmission Temp data from
Temp sensor in Main Module’s Wet Sump
Xmission psi from
Pressure Sensor downstream of Air/Oil Cooler.
Engine Oil Psi and Temp sensors for respective cautions
located downstream of Engine Oil Filter.
Ng measured by Engine Alternator on
front face of Eng Acc Gearbox
-Kohlsman window set 28.10-31.00 in
-CODE OFF warning flag displayed of loss of 115 VAC pwr
-Integrated encoder provide digi output of PA in 100 ft increments to IFF xponder (w/ Mode C selected) for automatic ATL xmission
Bkup AI contains internal gyro powered by DC battery bus via a built-in inverter
-yellow OFF flag indicate loss of 28 VDC pwr supplied by batt bus
When in HVR mode the FDs provide the info necessary to maintain the a/c ___.
at a fixed pos relative to a point on the earth
When an a/c component supplying data driving a symbol fails the display object will be decluttered and replaced w/ a series of ___.
– red “X”s
VSI indicated range of +/-___ fpm