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The principle of conduct governing an individual or group; specifically the standards you use to decide what your conduct should be.
Implication of right or wrong, good or bad, which is involved in the ethical decision one makes.
Normative Judgement
Society's accepted standards of behaviors
Organizational Justice
Equitable, fair, impartial, and unbiased ways a corporate operates
1. Distributive
2. Procedual
3. interpersonal
The fairness and justice of a decision's result
Distributive Justice
The fairness of processes
Procedure justice
Interpersonal / Interational Justice
the manner in which managers conduct their interpersonal dealings with employees
Wrongful Discharges
an employee dismissal that does not comply with the law or does not comply with the contractual arrangement stated or implied by the firm via its employment application forms, employee manuals, or other promises.
Avoiding wrongful temination lawsuit
1. set up employment policies and dispute resolution procedures that make employee feel they are treated fairly
2. preparatory work (employment application, employee handbook)
Steps to avoid law suit
1. Have applicants sign the employment application and make sure it contains a clearly worded statement that employment is for no fixed term and that the employer can terminate at anytime.
2. have clear written rules for discipline/discharge
3. For broken rules, get the worker's side of the story in front of witnesses, and preferably get it signed.
4. Appraise employees at least annually. Give employee with imcopetence in writing and be signed by an employee.
5. Keep all confidential records.
3 Strategies that can be used to increase employee perception of fairness
1. Engagement
2. Explanation
3. Expectation Clarity
Laws for the Rights an employee has to privacy
The Electronic Communications Privacy Act and Common Law
Exception for Electoronic Communication Privacy Act
1. Business Purpose Exceptions
2. Consent Exceptions
Privacy Intrusion
- Locker room and bathroom surveillance
- Publication of private matters
- Disclosure of medical records
- appropriation of an employee's name or likeness
Temiate-at-will Rule
Without a contract, the employee can resign for any reason at will, and the employer can similarly dismiss the employee for any or no reason at all at will.
Limitations in Terminate-At-Will rule
1. public policy exeption
2. implied contract exeption
3. covenant of good faith exeption (suggests that employers should not fire employees without good cause)
Have a nice day racism
True Color video racism
Special Consideration test for Affirmative Action
Special Consideration Test should be beneficial to only one group, but to everyone.
Benefits of managing diversity successfully?
make the business more competitive and no one is discriminated against.
The characteristic values, traditions, and values a company's employee share
Organization Culture
A basic belief about what is right or wrong
Ways to send the right signals to emploees about organization's culture
1. clarify expectations
2. use signs and symbols
3. provide physical support such as manifestations, incentive plans, appraisal system
4. use stories to illustrate company values
5. Organize rites and ceremonies
Guidelines for temination interview
1. Plan the interview carefully
2. Get to the point
3. Describe the situation
4. Listen
5. Review all elements of the severance package
6. Identify the next step
A systematic process by which a teminated person is trained and counseled in the techniques of self-appraisal and secuing a new position
Outplacement Counseling
Outplacement Counseling's objective
does not mean that the employer takes a responsiblity for placing the person in a new job. instead, it is a counseling service whose purpose is to provide the person with advice, instructions, and a sounding board to help formulate career goals and successfully execute job search. this could be done by specialized outside firm as well.
What shapes ethical behavior at work?
1. Individual factors
2. organizational factors
3. Boss's influence
4. Company's ethics code and policy
5. company culture
Ground for dismissal
1. Unsatisfactory performance
2. misconduct
3. lack of qualifications for the job
4. changed requirements of, or elimination of the job
A form of misconduct, willful disregard or disobedience of the boss's authority or legitimate orders; criticizing the boss in public