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The deliberate process through which someone becomes aware of personal skills, interests, knowledge, motivations, and characteristics; and establish action plan to attain specific goals.
Career Planning
Lifelong series of activities that contribute to a person's career exploration, establishment, success, and fulfillment.
Career Development
The process for enabling employees to better understand and develop their career skills and interests, and to use these skills and interests more effectively.
Career Management
Career Development Focus
Unlike traditional view of career, career development focus more depth in employees. career is driven by the person, not the organization and reinvented by the person from time to time as he / she or environment changes.
Individual's role in career development
1. Accept responsiblity for your own career
2. Assess your interests, skill, and values
3. seek out career information and resources
4. Establish goals and career plans
5. Utilize development opportunities
6. Talk with your manager about your career
7. Follow through on realistic career plans
Manager's role in career development
1. Provide timely performance feedbaack
2. provide developmental assignments and support
3. Participate in career development discussions
4. SUpport employee development plans
Organization's role in career development
1. communicate mission, policies, and procedures.
2. provide career information and career program
offer a variety of career options
Strategies for Mentee
1. Choose an appropriate potential mentor. (someone with no direct supervisory responsiblity over you)
2. Understand that not everyone is willing to undertake this time-consuming professional committment
3. Make it clear what you expect in terms of time and advice
4. Have an agenda
5. Respect mentor's time
Advantages for Mentee
1. Career Advancement
2. Salary
3. Organizational/professional identification
4. Networking opportunity
Advantages for Mentor
1. Career Enhancement
2. Passing the torch to a new generations
Disadvantages for Mentee
1. Over-depending on the mentor
2. Micro-management from the mentor
3. Negative halo from mentor who fails
Disadvantages for Mentor
1. Mentee dependence on mentor
2. Time, energy, and committment to mentee
3. Negative halo from mentee who fails
Women's challenges when trying to attain top management positions
1. Exclusion from informal networks
2. Difficulty getting developmental assignments and geographical mobility opportunity
3. Have to be more proactive to get such assignments
4. Career vs. Family dillemma
Strategies for enhancing workplace diversity and eliminating barriers for women
1. Eliminate institutional barriers (night meetings, etc.)
2. Improve networking and mentoring
3. Eliminate the glass ceiling (structural barriers in corporation. CEO's support is necessary)
4. Institute flexible schedules and career tracks (inflexible career laddars can put women in disadvantage, such as time requirement to be a partner, to be promoted, etc.)
Purpose of Personal Mission Statement
To assess opportunity to reflect on your life and put your unique purpose, what you are to become, and what you are doing in your life.
A Contact
Contacts who's already known; can build instant rapport; can get feedback on your presentation; can offer market research help; and connect you toreferrals in B contact.
B Contact
Contact who's bridge to C contacts; can focus on your market; offer information resource on problems and challenges in the field; offer information resource of activities and events; and offer referrals in C.
C Contact
Contact who can make hiring decisions; receive proposals; create jobs; referrals to other C contacts.
Purpose of an information/referral meeting
Gathering information you need for your marketing research
6 acts during the information/referral meeting
1. Building Rapport
2. Presenting your background
3. Information Exchange
4. Asking for Specific Referrals
5. Thank-you and Next step
6. Follow-up
Nature of Job Market
1. Formal (reactive)
2. Hidden (proactive)
- created jobs
- existing jobs
3. other
Responding to Job Ads
1. Respond 4days to 2 weeks after ads apper
2. be brief and focus on employer's need
3. use two column format
4. address a letter to a person
5. send a copy of letter to functional manager who is hiring
Employment Agency's Fee
1% per $1000 of annual compensation
Employment Agency's jobs
clearical jobs or entry level management positions. high volume jobs and frequently franchised. Salary of the positions would be $40k max
4steps networking building
1. Approach Letter
2. Approach Phone call
3. Information and referral meeting
4. Follow-up