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substantive conflict
disagreement over goals and how to get there
intrapersonal conflicts
conflicts within yourself. mix of approach & avoidance
interpersonal conflict
between 2 or more people who are in opposition to each other
intergroup conflict
between members of the same group
interorganizational conflict
between firms in the same market
vertical conflict
between hierarchical levels
horizontal conflict
between people at the same level
role conflict
when the communication is bad
workflow interdependencies
occur when people have to cooperate to meet goals
resource scarcity
can harm relationships
lose lose conflict
avoidance, accommodation or smoothing, or compromise
substance goals
outcomes that relate to content issues
relationship goals
outcomes that relate to how well people are able to work together to solve the problem
intergroup negotiation
mgr is part of a group negotiating with another group
constituency negotiation
"constitution" each party represents a group of people
distributive negotiation
"piece of pie"
integrative negotiation
"enlarge the pie"
hard distributive negotiation
each party holds out to get his own way
soft distributive negotiation
one party makes concessions to the other party to get things over
alternative dispute resolution
third party works with people involved in a negotiation
third party acts as a judge
engages parties in a solution through persuasion and rationalization
transformational change
aka radical change or frame breaking change. major change of the company
incremental change
aka frame bending change. natural evolution
organizational forces for change
environment, life, and politics
phases of planned change
unfreezing, changing, and refreezing
personal wellness
pursuing a job with the support of a personal health promotion program
employee assistance programs
provide help to employees who have personal problems and stress