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What is organizational behavior?
the study of individuals and groups in organizations
What is contingency approach?
an approach that seeks ways to meet the needs of different management situations
What are the "Trends in the new workplace?"
Commitment to ethical behavior, importance of human capital, demise of "command-and control", emphasis on teamwork, pervasive influence of information technology, respect for new workforce expectations, and changing the definition of "jobs" and "career"
What is an open system?
transform human and material resource inputs into finished goods and services
The systems resource approach looks at the...
input side of the figure and defines effectiveness in terms of success in acquiring needed resources from the organizations external environment
internal process approach looks at...
transformation process and examines how efficiently resources are utilized to produce goods and services
The goal approach looks at...
the output side to measure achievement of key operating objectives such as product quantity, innovation, and profits
strategic constiutences approach analyzes...
the impact of organization on key stakeholders and their interests
What are the four functions of mgmt?
Planning (defining goals and achieving), Organizing (creating work structures and systems and arranging resources to accomplish goals), Leading (instilling enthusiasm, and motivating), Controlling (ensuring that things go well by monitoring performance)
what are interpersonal roles?
how a manager interacts with other people (figurehead, leader, liaison)
what are decisional roles?
how a manager uses info in decision making (entrepreneur, disturbance handler, negotiator, resource allocator)
what are informational roles?
how a manager exchanges and processes info (monitor, disseminator, spokesperson)
what are the managerial mind-sets?
reflective, analytic, worldly, collaborative, and action
passive/defensive cultures are...
less effective. (are defensive in their actions)
aggressive/defensive cultures are...
less effective. (members are forceful in their interactions)
inclusivity is...
the degree to which the culture respects and values diversity and is open to anyone who can perform a job, regardless of their diversity attributes
What is the utilitarian view?
ethical behavior that creates the greatest good for the most people
what is the individualism view?
ethical behavior advances long-term self-interests
what is the moral-rights view?
ethical behavior respects and protects human rights
what is the justice view?
ethical behavior treats people impartially and fairly
what is positive organizational behavior?
the study of applications of positive human strengths and capacities for performance improvements
what are examples of regional economic alliances?
the european union, NAFTA
what is a low context culture?
messages are expressed mainly by spoken and written word (Australia, US, Canada)
what is a high context culture?
words convey only part of a message must be inferred from body language and additional contextual cues (asian, middle eastern)
what is polychronic?
people tend to do more than one thing at a time
views time as a straight line
what is uncertainty avoidance?
the cultural tendency to be uncomfortable with uncertainity and risk in everyday life
the degree to which a society values assertiveness or relationships