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career development
an ongoing and formalized effort that focuses on developing enriched and more capable workers
Challeneges in career development: Who will be responisible?
moderno roganizations hae concluded that employees must take an active role in planning and implementing their own personal devlopment plants
Challeneges in career development: How much emphasis is important?
CD programs cna have bad side effects including job dissatisfaction, poor performance if it fosters unrealistic expectations for performance
Challeneges in career development: How will the needs of a diverse workforce be met?
glass ceiling exists
women motivated to start own business
pro active programs to counsel dual-career couples/joint career plan

worklife programs- ease the stress of dual-career couples
Challeneges in career development: Assessment Phases
goal of assesment is to identify employees' strenghts and weaknesses

Helps employee choose a career that is realistically obtainable and a good fit
Determine the weaknesses tehy need to overcome to achieve their career goals
Career workbooks
also includes information about career paths within a company
Skills assesment exercises
designed to identify an employee's skills
Interest inventory
measure of a person's occupational interests
Values clarification
prioritizing personal values
Organizational assesment
assesment centers, performance appraisal, promotability forecasts
assessment centers
situational exercises used to select managerial talent
promotability forecasts
decisions made by managers regarding the advancement potential of their subordinates
succession planning
preparing people to fill executive positions
The Direction Phase
determining the types of careers that employees want and the steps they must take to realize their career goals
Individual Career counseling
one-on-one sessions with the goal of helping employees examine their career aspirations
Advantages of managers conducting career counseling sessions with their employees
managers are more aware of empolyees strenghts and weaknesses

managers understand their employees career development concerns can foster an environment of trust and commitment
Job posting systems
system in which an organization announces job openings to all employees on a bulletin board
Careers paths
chart showing the possible directions and career opportunites available in an organization; steps and timetable given
developmentally oriented relationship between senior and junior colleagues or peers

involve advising, role modeling, sharing contacts, and giving general support

Supervisor most effective mentors, but difference between supervisor and managers

informa programs with smaller companies
ongoing, sometimes spontaneous, meetings between managers and their employees to discuss their employees career goals and development
Coachable moments
Employee demonstrates a new skill or interst

Employee seeks feedback

Employee expresses an interst in a change in organization

Employee is exercising a poor job fit

Employee mentions a desire for developmental opportunites
Development Suggestions
Create your own personal mission statement

Take responsibility for your own direction and growth

Make enhancement, rather than advancement, your priority

Talk to people in positions to which you aspire to get their suggestions on how to propel

Set reasonable goals

Make investment in yourself a priority

Interpersonal is important

Set the right values and priorities

Be a team player

Be customer oriented

Act as if what you are doing makes a difference