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The Segmentation Strategies
Geogrpahic, Demogrpahic, Psychoprahpic, Behavioral
Requirements for effective segmentation
Measureable, Accesible, Substantial, Differentiable, Actionable
The Steps of evalutating target marketing
Must look at three factors; Segment Size and Growth, Segement Structural Attractiveness, and Company objectives and resources
The Target Market Strategies
Undifferentiated (Mass)
Differentiated (Segmented)
Concentrated (Niche)
Micro (Local or individual)
Competitive Advantage-
An advantage over competitors gained by offering consumers greater value, either through lower prices or by providing more benefits that justify higher prices.
Which differences to promote?
Important, Distinctive, Superior, Communicable, Preemptive, Affordable, Profitable
Important difference
Higly valued benefit to target buyers
Distinctive Difference
Competitors fo not offer the difference
Superior Difference
Difference is supperior to how others offer the same product
Communicable difference
Difference is communicable and visible to buyers
Preemeptive Difference
Competitors cannot easily copy the difference
Affordable Difference
Buyers can afford to pay for the difference
Profitable Difference
The company can introduce the diffreence profitably
Value Proposition-
The Full positioning of a brand- the full mix of benefits upon which it is positioned.