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what is the formula for recombination frequency given a large number of tetrads
Recombination frequency = (NPD + 0.5 T) / (NPD + T + PD)
what is the formula for calculating true map distance
Map Unit = 100 X [(T + 6 NPD) / 2 (PD + NPD + T)]

what is complementation and how is it used in genetic analysis
complementation is when an unknown mutant is crossed with a known mutant to yield wild type offspring which means that the mutations reside at different loci

prototrophic- can grow on basic media

auxotrophic- needs specific supplements to media
what is allelic complementation
when two mutant alleles of the same gene complement each other. in order to avoid the mistake of interpreting this as a positive test for extragenetic complementation, tetrad analysis should be performed